Realtime PVP

Have pvp in real time instead of just plain pvp with the a.i. also add a wager before the battle against realtime matches

For the sake of being more informative, how do you imagine this real time PvP should and would function?

(P.S. The idea has floated in the air before, with the reply being - not going to happen.)


I once dreamed of that too, the thing is, its just too complex to add into gems of war, GoW wasnt meant to be a realtime PvP game so it would create a host of bugs, if not crash the servers

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That, luckily, never happen for many reasons.

One of that… How can you manage a loop team ? If you put a timer per turn, is valid for entire slot time or the time resets after i do a 4+ match ?
Anyway Impossible to develop and to play.


It could be done actually pretty easy. Even with loop teams in mind (which would probably the only ones seeing screentime :stuck_out_tongue: ).
The big issues are either the starting player would win 90% of the time or each battle would go for 10 - 30 minutes if some restrictions were made to prevent loop teams.

Too boring imo

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@holyporko, good point. Another complication would be who gets the starting turn, that is such a huge advantage especially with empowered converters or mana generators. I also think chat would be really toxic if that was added, not that it ever will be

Exactly what I tend to point out, when this idea is brought up.
This game is so heavily favoured towards the player who goes first, and so many teams are built in a way, that there simply is no enemy turn, that the purpose of a direct human PVP can be as well be fulfilled by watching a “let’s play” - and in a far less frustrating way, I may add.
Two-sided PVP might have been a possibility in 2015 and 2016, maybe even still in 2017. Nowadays, you would have to build the whole game new from the scratch to get there.

The problem is not the technical limitations, but the hopelessly messed up balancing.


Only if there were no empowered troops.

Even without empowered troops, it would come down to three or four setups, that are vastly more powerful. Orbweaver team, goblin team, something, something, Elementalist…
The only way I could see direct PVP work, would be if the same mechanics are applied as in arena. No hero, no traits, semi-random troop selection (though preferably with more than base stats to avoid the massive boost by gem multipliers).
And we know, how popular that mode is…


After the realtime group dungeons in puzzle quest 3 failed… Badly, I think this is something we shouldn’t encourage the devs to implement :rofl:

I can see the fun that could be had though. My own thoughts on it would be the hero with the lowest level should have the first move


Honestly, this is one of the reasons I tended to avoid “PVP” like the plague – because I naturally assumed it meant real-time multiplayer. (Yeah, so I later learned it’s not live PVP, but just a cpu battle against another player’s custom team and stats.)