We want real PVP, not AI!

Hey developer! Why you say PVP when really it is PVE (or PVAi) this is a lie to players - many will be furious if they discovered it is Ai and not player. When will you develop real player vs player ? The Ai is such dumb one with mistakes I win every time and it gets boring. We need to challenge players to real match and see who is truly the best player. Please make GOW more like Heartthstone. All my guild agrees this.

  • 1st player advantage is too big at this point

  • many looping mechanisms that you can barely counter

but i would like to see PVP arena first to make up my mind


I hope to never see real time PVP added to the game. Guild Wars is already a sufficient waste of resources thanks.


There are several players that wish for real time pvp (right until the day it will be introduced, when they all will say “ah f*** that! Give me the AI, i need to let of some steam from being 1-turned all day by real players”).
However i don’t think there are many players that haven’t realized that there is no real life pvp in the game right now though, you might be one of the special snowflakes.


I think real time PvP will never come. And thats for the best. :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t want to see Real-time PvP.

I always hated trying to play chess over the internet, worrying about timers and disconnects.


Real time PVP over lan, why not. Is it worth the investment? Probably not.

@cymris got me to try yatzee online with realtime games, whenever things started to go south, players would either disconnect or play very slowly to the point you wanted to concede and forget about it.


This is the reason that true pvp should never be introduced to GoW and anyone who suggests otherwise should be censured

Did you guys ever play puzzle quest pvp? You could set timers, I can’t remember 100% for sure, but I believe you could have 15, 8, and 4 second timers.

The bigger issue would be balancing: who gets first turn, infinite loop teams, and perhaps some empowered troops.

I still would like to see live pvp.

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People can express their views but it does not mean that they are right :slight_smile:[quote=“brandonwiker, post:9, topic:25681”]
I still would like to see live pvp.

Over LAN I think would be ok. Honestly install that Yatzee app for a second and play couple of games, I would have thought the same as you even I did not have that experience.

Agreed… And i expressed mine

HAHA … 10 characters

Lol 10 characters

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In one of the many, many threads we’ve had regarding real-time PvP:

The changes required to the core game infrastructure are very large. Among other things, the board state would need to be pushed to the server and the “truth” be kept there. In addition to the many balancing and anti-griefing changes that would need to take place, the core engine would require revamping.


Agreed for the infrastructure, though you could have a P2P connection and one being the host, the other being the guest.
PVP could also be 2 players facing the same team and see who is beating them the fastest, least amount of rounds, etc…

But probably not what the OP wanted. I guess he was after a way of determining who’s paying for the next round of beers.

I’m still in favor of real time PvP at minimum for the capability to be able to battle friends with the SOON TM (1+ years later) friends list button.

Could also make at least one minigame where it could be a co-op with someone or something, maybe for a boss battle of some kind.

PP vs AI would likely be enough for everyone that wants PvP.

Lie? Why would you think that PvP in this game is Player versus Player? It was Player versus Princess. Now it’s Player versus Psion.


Or player vs phamine


I’d be ‘ok’ with PvP AFTER the developers both implement and use a system to balance the troops more often than every other month.

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Asynchronous PVP like we have now still allows most people to win most games, which is fun for everyone. As soon as you have synchronous PVP, someone loses every game (by definition!), which would be a radically different game than what Gems is now.

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