Active PVP in GoW

I know this will probably never be added but I just wanted to put this out there, I’ve found a way to implement active PVP you can solve matchmaking but limiting it to regional that will greatly reduce disconnects, adding a turn timer will prevent dragging the match out too long, extra turns not granted by spells AKA matching 4+ gems can be limited to 3 and to even the playing field gem masteries for both players can be added together and then divided by 2. active PVP came up in last nights dev stream and I got to thinking on how it can work I know it’s just a pipe dream but I just love thinking of solutions to problems

Wasnt the main problem here the “GoW-Engine”? Its more a single player system with online sync and doesnt support “realtime-p2p”?


Just imagine two guardian crown lineups going in live pvp…

Or two L&D /orbweaver teams…

GoW uses unity a highy adaptable engine and quite a few multiplayer gamers run on it. it might take a little elbow grease but it should be able to get atleast local pvp running