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Razor armor still does skull damage when entangled

Platform, device version and operating system
Steam windows 10

Screenshot or image

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened
I was expecting the entangled hero to do 1 damage from the 4 skull match but instead he got the 4 match and another 3 skull match and killed me

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
I have noticed it in 2 seperate battles

Steps to make it happen again
Fight a team with the enemy hero using dragonguard class and the razor armor talent
entangle the enemy
give the enemy a skull match and you will take damage

What class was the hero?

Dragonguard. I just edited my post.

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I think this is working as intended. Just like a 0 att carnex still does skull damage boosted by his armor. Or an intangled troop does 5 damage from a 3 skull match with a doomskull

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It’s not a bug, coz he did 1 dmg by 4 match skulls and add to that the 20% of his armor which is 7.
I asume that the next 3 match skulls had a doomskull which is basicly 5 dmg + 7 from the talant.

I’ve had it happen with a normal 3 match of skulls as well with no doomskulls

What @noob and @AnarchyChampion said.
I’ve won GW battles owing to Carnex’s armor damage ability when goblins or Elemaugrim have reduced all my attack to zero.
It looks like damage calculation in razor armor case goes like: first calculate attack-based damage, second add razor armor damage.

There are two important distinctions:

  • Entangled is “set the attack to 0”, not “do no skull damage”.
  • Razor Armor’s damage is dependent on armor, not attack.

So normally, with Entangled:

  • A 3-match of skulls does 0 damage.
  • A 4 or 5 match of skulls does 1 damage, because these matches do [attack + 1].
  • Any doomskull match adds 5 damage, so a 4 or 5 match does [attack + 1 + 5].

So Razor Armor adds [armor * 0.2] to skull damage. That’s what user ‘noob’ explained. Here is the chain of events that could kill your Sylvanimora:

  • Razor Armor will add [35 * 0.2] = 7 damage to any skull match.
  • The skull 4-match does [0 + 1 + 7] = 8 damage. Sylvanimora has 8 HP left.
  • No obvious cascade remains, but if a Doomskull 3-match happened, it would do [0 + 5 + 7] = 13 damage and kill Sylvanimora. Or, if you were mistaken and it was a 4-match, it could do another 8 damage and kill Sylvanimora.

To prove Razor Armor’s not working, we need to see a troop take more than the Razor Armor damage. But since it is added to skull damage, I think this is right.