Entangled Bone Dragon damage

If a Bone Dragon puts appx 50 skulls on the board but is entangled how much damage should he inflict ?
I thought it shoukd be zero. In fact I sustained at least 60 damage.

Entangle reduces attack to 0. 4-matches and 5-matches do damage equal to attack + 1 and + 2 respectively.

So that’s how stupidly powerful Bone Dragon is right now. Makes a couple dozen skull matches.

So say it did 15 x 4 matches - that should have been 15 hit points , and say 12x5 matches would be 24 hit points. Still a lot less than the 60 actually sustained.

I wonder if the formula in the game engine works out the total damage and then subtracts the Attack stat when matches overlap somehow?

I know if you do two separate three-skull matches when entangled, it does no damage - but I suspect the algorithm is complex when the board is utterly full of skulls with loads of interlocking rows… It may count them all as one super attack (and subtract the entangle effect of -1 Attack stat as it does with criticals etc)…

Perhaps @Sirrian can enlighten us…

Yes - that seems a likely explanation. The wall to wall skulls must have sent the algorithm in to a (dragons fire breathing) melt down !

From my experience, connected skull matches are simply counted as one, the damage dealt will be attack+(skulls-3).

For example, if your top troop has 20 attack, and you make 2 seperated 3-skull matches, you deal 40 damage, but if the same matches are connected by a seventh skull, you only deal 24 damage.

xxx =20        xxx =24
---            x--
xxx =20        xxx

This is is clearly a disadvantage of bone dragon, and the reason why it often fails to kill my first troop even after covering most of the screen with skulls. But in the case of entangle it becomes an advantage, as more damage passes through.

I don’t know all of this for sure, but this is how I assume it works, based on past experiences. If anyone knows better, they are welcome to correct.

See, that’s even the game telling us that Bone Dragon’s spell in the late game is an over-powered boost-ratio-fed monster that needs adjusting… Even Sheggra can (and does) misfire… in the late game those wall to wall skulls mean the end of one or two troops for sure…

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I’ve seen some amounts of damage that never seem to make sense, but are so hard to recreate the patterns on, I can’t test them enough to enter any bug reports.

I’ve seen 10 skulls in a single row deal only Attack+2 damage.

There is a pattern:
Where I’ve had it treat that block as 3 separate 3 skull matches and do 3xAttack damage.

I’ve had skull spammers hit me for what I assumed would be overkill, only to have my troop live, and I’ve had lesser numbers of skull do more damage then a board full of skulls.

I believe it has to do with if the game sees a group of skulls as connected or as separate sets of skull matches.

And the blasted Bone Dragons that have the third trait that gives them a 30% chance to dodge the very things that they produce . In that case karma really doesn’t exist lol.

Why is it, almost every other post i see you asking for adjustments, or nerfs?

Not everything needs nerfed because you disagree with how they are played… I don’t own any legendaries at all Missing 14 epics, and 2 Ultra-Rare cards, I have no problem going against a bone dragon composition and smashing them.

Bonedragon has a balance already implemented into the way the skulls are formatted on the board, It is rare that a bone dragon will strike a second target, and if it does, it will only deal base damage, ALMOST ALWAYS all of the skulls are connected leading a guaranteed one shot of the top card… And since Bone dragon is a legendary card, and requires a lot of build up as well as timing I believe it is in its correct place at the moment.

Not trying to prick a needle at you, but try to see the other side of it before you cry out for the Crimson Nerf Bat, let it stay in its Ghulvanian cave and slumber for a while, and wait for 1.0.9.

– Edit: Not to mention the BoneDragon’s Traits besides agile are junk.

Because I have an opinion and am entitled to express it… Disagree if you like… That’s what forums are for… And so far I’ve had a pretty good strike rate in calling out things that the devs have subsequently assessed and acted to balance, so that reassures me… You can do and say what you like too, and the devs who know this better than any of us will do what they feel best… They must be doing okay at that or we wouldn’t all be here…

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I agree there;

That doesn’t reassure me at all, that means the devs are controversial over the opinion of a long term player. If the devs give a nerf bat to something every time someone screams overpowered. we’ll be left with a very underwhelming state of gameplay (Skull Wars) … 'nuff said.

As in they listen to someone who might know what they’re talking about? Heaven forbid…

I’m sure they listen to everyone and make their own decisions… I’d be in a happier place if they just did as I told the, but that doesn’t happen and I’m sure not everyone would like it… And I utterly agree they can’t just jump whenever someone screams for a nerf - plenty of players that have done that here for the most comical of reasons…

As i said, i’m not prodding you, I just believe full heartedly that every composition has a counter. and the most fun in this game is finding that counter, and smashing them. You lose a match because shegs or bone dragon got a really lucky cast? chalk it up and move on, next time you’ll be sure to deny them mana.

I don’t like how some of the community is developing into elitists, looking for the fastest and most effective way of doing something, and only playing with one team, forming a meta, and obliterating the very concept our devs have worked so hard to create.

It’s not like you need to be a top tier player to counter-balance everything either… by time you start facing these teams on a normal basis, you should have all of your quests if not all of your challenges as well completed… leading to a decent amount of team variety. As i said, i’m missing EVERY Legendary… and i’m only level 97, and i stride along just fine in the game.

^ This… Was uncalled for keep it civil man. came off WAYY too cocky.

Thank you.

I wouldn’t like that either… And am not aware of it happening much… Though there’ll always be a meta in any TCG… I don’t mind that, but would also like to see more variety… I push for things to be balanced (up or down) when they are reducing variety and/or reducing fun… We all have our lens we look through - I face TrueShot/skeletons half the time and goblins the other half… And I can see that they’re logically too strong and logically what everyone would use… So fix them when they’re too broken, tweak them a bit here and there, and buff the other stuff to encourage variety, yes…

The cocky bit? I’d call it humour… I don’t mind being cocky, I’d call it confidence in my views… But no offence meant so sorry if it felt that way…

How fast we digress off topic on this one. . . wow. The original question was about how much damage is done by an entangled Bone Dragon. The answer depends - the dragon is entangled but is it the one dealing the damage? If you have a troop in front of it dealing the skull damage created by the dragon then the entanglement doesn’t affect that troop - only the dragon. If the dragon is first and dealing damage while entangled then the description others were putting forth is it. Fill a screen with skulls and there will be extras that add up.

I think we all assumed that the Entangle was on the first troop, whether that’s Bone Dragon or something else… If the Entangle is on another troop, not the first one doing the attacking, then it’s blindingly obvious that the Entangle won’t affect the damage,

The entangle was on the Bone Dragon who was ‘top’ of the list.

Treant was about 70 combined life/armour before Bone Dragon hit.

ps. I did ultimately win this game :smile:

Sorry @Jainus. Didn’t mean to offend. Just trying to help too. Maybe the sarcasm was a bit thick in my post. Sorry.

If there was 50 skulls out of 64 squares that would come out with quite a few crosses and probably two four matches per line if they went from end to end both vertically and horizontally. I can see why @esslee is asking if it may have been a bug but I think it’s quite possible.

For clarity purposes, Bone Dragon removed the armor of the first Treant, so there was less life/armor total there after the cast… But there was also Stoneskin reducing the damage.

Hadn’t considered those things. Numbers probably still check out.