Entangled Troop Hits me for 52 damage

So I get hit and killed when an entangled troop hits me for 52 damage. Interestingly enough, the normal attack of the card was 34. There was no enrage, nothing. I’ve also noticed since the last update, often when I try to hit an entangled troop, I can’t hit them. It seems like the computer thinks that I am entangled, not my enemy. This needs to be fixed ASAP.

You can see it happen on my recent captures at WICKEDCOOLHAND.


This video?:

Looks like you took lethal damage from an Archer skull hit due to the Bullseye trait, which ignores entangle.

As for you not being able to hit enemy troops on occasion, they may have had the Agile trait, which has a 20% chance to dodge skull damage (regardless if they are entangled or not.


No, it’s been troops with no agile traits and usually when one of the opponent’s team is entangled. Archer troop should be updated to say it ignore’s entangle, or I should be able to entangle an opponent with Forest Troll when he is entangled. But it doesn’t work that way. They should pick a side and stick with it. I was fine with Forest Troll not landing and therefore not entangling, but if Bullseye gets through… that’s crap. Either all should get through or none.

I also hate how many times a fully un-traited Dragotaur summons a Dragonette on death. That’s always fun.

I believe archer doesn’t ignore entangle. A 3 skull match won’t trigger an entangled archer but a 4+ skull match will since some amount of damage is dealt for it to be lethal.

I used to use archer a lot but it’s been a while so I may be misremembering it. I also didn’t watch the above video because when I went to the link a pile of popup ads tried to hijack my phone browser so I didn’t get to view it to see if it was a 3 or 4 skull match.

Very old video here, but I last tested this right after we got the Unity port on PC and you could still hit through entangle with Bullseye. Same with Assassinate, and Voracious. Zero attack/zero damage dealt don’t matter at all, the only condition required for it to proc is matching skulls while in the first slot. Barrier will block a single otherwise lethal hit from Assassinate or Bullseye (not sure about Voracious, it takes way too long to get it to trigger to repeat the test conditions)

Status application traits do however require damage to be dealt with skulls (if you absorb the hit with a barrier or dodge with Agile trait, no status is applied, either). Psion only cares if its Attack is > 0 when it matches skulls in the front position (be it via entangle or straight reduction) - if it is, it will steal mana regardless if the attack hits a barrier or is dodged with a trait. Because of this, Psion is the only skull trait that is completely shut down by entangle, because every other one can just get a match 4/5 to trigger it (or will just trigger regardless).

Consistency would be nice, but they are obviously coded differently because of how they do different things. I do think it could be clearer how they work, though.

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Thanks @Mithran, I stand corrected and agree that doesn’t make much sense to not be consistent with other on skull damage traits. I could have sworn it worked the other way when I used to use archer predominantly (because how awesome was it to take out big bad gorgotha with a single skull hit??).