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Entangled Status and On-damage Effects (and some Agile weirdness)

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?

Various cases where troops with entangled debuff are triggering traits on 3-skull matches despite doing no damage (I am aware that 4-5 skull matches still do 1-2 damage while entangled - I am talking specifically about match 3). Also, one instance of something similar happening with Agile trait.

Draakulis - King’s Will trait triggers on skull matches without doing damage.
Archer class - Bullseye trait may kill troops while entangled without doing damage.
Bone Dragon - Frozen Soul trait triggers when entangled troop attacks but does no damage.

Entangled Wraith vs Agile Couatl - This is the more complicated scenario - Agile trait normally avoids damage on 4/5 skull matches. However, I had an instance of a Wraith still applying frozen/death mark status when Couatl’s agile trait triggered. Wraith was entangled at the time, so perhaps this is an issue with always forcing traits on 4-5 match when entangled.

What are the steps to make it happen again?

Match 3 skulls with entangled Draakulis, observe life gain from trait trigger
Match 3 skulls with entangled Archer, observe instakill from trait trigger
Match 3 skulls with an entangled troop against Bone Dragon, observe BD trait trigger

Match 4-5 skulls with an entangled Wraith against an Agile troop, observe frozen/death mark applied to troop that should have dodged.