Question about Entangle

Can someone explain to me how an agile Entangled troop can avoid skull damage, but because it’s Entangled it can’t dish skull damage? Seems to me that agile should be negated by Entangle… logically.

Agile is a trait that has a % chance to not take skull damage the enemy is dealing. Stun will get rid of it until the troop cleanses.

Entangle is a status effect that prevents a troop from inflicting skull damage.

Logic in Gow is very weird Tbh, kinda like how all the different spellings/wording of spells and troops are now. I hope that helps😀

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Logic does not apply with status effects. As another example, an entangled, frozen, or webbed Valraven can retreat with no issues.

What’s the problem with logic here? No one of effects listed is responsible to spell blocking.

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If the troop is entangled and can’t attack because it can not move, how can it move to avoid being attacked?

A bird shouldn’t be able to fly away if it’s frozen, entangled or webbed. It’d be stuck in place if you take the status effects literally.

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It’s just magic. Can you imagine a bird which casts spells?

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The only status effect that will stop ravens doing an offski when it’s ready to cast is silence. But you have to stun it 1st. I can still cast MC when webbed etc; not that there is much point. Frozen and entangled are specific inhibitors that have nothing to do with the ability of a troop to cast, should you choose to do so. Always handy to have a mana drain troop if your team can accommodate one. Lock that bird in its nest.

They’re not talking about the actual game mechanics, but the “realism” of the status effects.


Haha yes I see. Logic is a funny thing. Infernus imagery shows he is on fire so how can burn do him any damage?

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How can a dwarven gate bleed? Just roll with it.

How can a bunch of imaginary things do imaginary things?


Ask Donny Darko.