Archer class hero one shot me whilst they were entangled


Playing pvp against an Archer class hero (Yasmine’s Chalice) which gives "15% chance for skull damage to be lethal"
She one shot killed my first troop. A couple of turns later whilst entangled she one shot killed my second troop. Also- seems rather more than 15% chance !


Putting aside the issue of deadly traits proc-rates, do you recall if the AI used 3 or 4+ skull matches?

Entangle doesn’t prevent you from using skulls, it just reduces your attack to 0. Which means a 4-match will still do 1 dmg when attacking (and at that point, the trait should be able to proc).


You have a good point there. This may have well been the case on reflection - so not a bug but something to
remember and beware of when playing against an Archer class :sunglasses::+1:


I’ve certainly had archer proc a killshot against me with a 3 skull match while entangled.


Yes, it works on 3 skull matches even when entangled, and always has. Back when Maw hunger was a devour, it could also trigger regardless of actually doing damage. Not sure if this was transferred when Kruarg got the devour trait, since testing it with his low proc rate is a pain. Most other things like Psion’s Siphon and the status “touch” traits will not trigger unless skull damage is actually dealt. Not sure about Drakk or Assassin.

Here’s a video, but its from version 2.0.1. I haven’t tested it yet in 2.1.