The Great Maw - Frenzy

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?

I would expect Maw to gain +1 attack each time it takes damage. This doesn’t happen - for example, if the AI matches 4/5 skulls, followed by 3 skulls, although the damage is applied in 2 separate instances, TGM’s frenzy trait only activates once, not twice. Similarly, there have been some isolated occasions where a single instance of damage also fails to trigger this trait.

What are the steps to make it happen again?

I don’t know, I can’t tell whether this is random or not.

Do you have any screenshots or video you want to share with us so we can see the problem? Attach them to your post!

Not at present.

Frenzy will only activate if health is damaged. Not sure, but did the first +4 match only hit armour?


Ah. I should probably have picked that up somewhere along the way to level 1000+…Just goes to show there’s always something new to learn!

Thanks Drathas.

If a mod wants to remove this thread to reduce the clutter, go for it.

We usually just let stuff sink since the threads can be useful for future people on occasion.

Also heads up, other traits like Humility’s third trait also work this way and only trigger on life, as do all the new Orc traits.


It is one of the odd things, really hard to understand based on description. For example, Psion’s mana drain on skull hits does not work if Psion is entangled. On the other hand, hero Assassin can kill your bottom troop just fine if entangled even though description says “when doing skull damage”. There are quite a few peculiarities like this.

For an added bit of confusion, Psion’s Siphon doesn’t work if he is entangled or at zero attack, regardless if he gets a “critical hit” that allows him to actually deal damage with that specific hit. Status “touch” traits won’t work if that specific skull hit didn’t do any damage (including Barrier now with Unity), but will if they do deal damage, regardless if they are entangled or the user’s attack is zero, they can still get a critical hit and trigger them. Bullseye and Assassinate can trigger on any skull match regardless of the user’s attack, entangle status, or whether or not it did damage (but a Bullseye will be still blocked by Barrier, as it is still just one damage instance). Voracious I’m sure works similar to old Maw Hunger, meaning it will likely trigger regardless of attack (entangle is no longer an option to even attempt to stop it and make this obvious, hard to test with the low trigger rate, but his attack can still be reduced to zero which likely will not do anything). Bone Dragon’s Frozen Soul works every time the opponent matches skulls and he is in front, regardless if the hit was effective or not. All of them have similar text with minor differences that do not intuitively or consistently connect with the rules that surround them “when doing skull damage”, “when dealing skull damage”, “when they deal skull damage”, “when I deal skull damage” etc. None of the “do/deal/dealing skull damage” traits actually matter whether or not life was hit and will trigger if they only hit armor (and some regardless if the “hit”, as referenced), but all of the “when I take damage” traits require life to be reduced, even though some traits now specify “when I take damage to life” and others don’t.

Frankly, all these descriptions (and a bunch of spell descriptions as well) could use a solid pass to get them in order and to be consistent, intuitive, and keyword searchable. On the off chance they are actually intended to have the same trigger conditions and they are waiting to enact some complicated fix to get this to happen (since coding wise, status application != mana drain != raising effective attack != proc instakill/devour) that is a different matter, but they still should be made to have the same language afterward if this is the case.

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Thanks all, I appreciate the info :slight_smile: