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Killed by Hero archer class while he was entangled?!

On Xbox

Today in Guild war I had the joy of seeing my troop one shot killed by the opponents hero with archer class who was entangled. (it was a 3 skulls combo) I deliberately let this skull combo to opponent as he was entangled to focus on charging other troop with mana. Fortunately I still won the battle.
If I translate from my french version, Archers last trait say: “15% chance that skull DAMAGE are lethal”. So based on the 3rd trait description, my troop should not have been killed as it received no skull damage. If trait was “15% chance that skull COMBO are lethal” then I would say ok, no prob.

So what it is? A gameplay mechanic mistake from the devs?.. a bug?..A bad 3rd trait description?..or maybe just a bad translation on the french version?


This happens on Mobile as well.

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this bug occurs on PC too.

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I edited this to Bug Report because I believe if the term “Skull Damage” is used, then at least 1 HP of damage must be done for the damage to be lethal. Either the card text or the behavior should be updated, or we need some clearly visible (preferably in-game) explanation of how this rule should be interpreted.


This is a long-standing and well-known (and oft annoying) inconsistency / bug in how traits handle skull matches when entangled. Bone Dragon is another.

Summoning @mithran to go to town on the point and enrich us with his (her?) thinking.

Agreed! I was bullseyed by an entangled archer class weapon in GW back in November (purposefully left the skulls for entangled weapon) - showed my guild the clip because I had no idea what happened. This is on PS4 - so across all platforms.

Think of it this way.
Imagine John Wick is trapped and entangled. He has a bow and an arrow in each hand, but they’re bound by whatever it is that does the entangling in this game.

Now, do you think John Wick is harmless now because he can’t shoot that arrow? Or is he somehow going to be able to jam that arrow into someone’s eye and shove the long end of that bow down someone’s throat?

Hope this makes you feel better for internal-justification… :sunglasses:


  • Bullseye/Assassinate/Voracius trigger if skulls are matched and the troop is in front and don’t care about your attack score or damage dealt.
  • Status traits only care if skulls were matched, the troop is in front, and damage (to life or armor) was dealt and don’t care about your attack score (they won’t trigger through barrier/agile etc, or match 3 skulls with entangle)
  • Psion’s Siphon only triggers if his attack is not zero, skulls were matched, and he is in front (never triggers on any skull match if Psion has 0 attack, always triggers if he has 1+ attack regardless of barrier/agile etc)
  • Things like Maw’s Hunger and Courage’s Virtue of Courage trigger when skulls are matched, regardless of troop’s position
  • But Draakulis’ Kings Will also requires him to be up front when the skulls are matched to trigger, but attack stat does not matter
  • defensive skull traits trigger on any skull match if the user is in front, regardless of damage or attack stat (Bone Dragon, Hydra)
  • All things that trigger on skull damage don’t care whether or not the damage was dealt to armor. All things triggering on just damage taken only trigger on damage to life, whether or not only some troops specify “when I take damage to life”

Most of these are a consequence of how the effects are implemented and aren’t likely to be “fixed”. In this instance, Bullsye simply took the current damage set to be done by the skull hit for the archer, and raised it to infinity. It doesn’t bother checking if the damage was > 0 to begin with, because it doesn’t deal damage in two steps, it deals it in one (conversely, a barrier will block a single bullseye hit). Still, a description pass to better differentiate all these quirks would be nice.


Many bugs or text descriptions still to fix in this (in many aspects amateurish) game.

Interestingly, though, Bullseye does not work against Eternal Stonehammer.

Ask me how I know.


How do you know?

(I’d assume because the skull resist trait still fires, and the game resolves times the resultant “lethal” damage times as zero.)

To be pedantic, I don’t know, since RNG could have just really hated me. But I whittled him down 1 damage at a time on 4-matches until he finally died, which was something like 80 skull match-4s. Either he’s immune or I’m a very bad assassin.