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Kruarg Krwuestion

I finally got my hands on a Kruarg and I had a question about his third trait.

It says 5% chance to devour on skull dmg.

I ASSUME that means when HE deals skull dmg, but since it doesn’t specify that the dmg MUST come from him, I was keeping my fingers crossed.

Can anybody confirm the mechanic for this trait for me?

Kan Kruarg’s Voracious trait fire from another troop’s skull dmg?

Thanks! :wink:

Yup, only when he’s the one dealing the skull damage. Also, if he’s entangled, lining up skulls won’t activate the trait, since no damage has been dealt. Wouldn’t it be sweet otherwise :wink:

The devs wanted a devour trait (as did some players) but they had to nerf The Great Maw, which was devouring too often.

EDIT: Maybe I’m wrong about the entangle - I remembered pre-nerf Maw not devouring when entangled, unless you lined up more than 3 skulls at a time and got bonus damage - which would generally be the case on skull spammer line-ups, but not as much otherwise.

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Thanks @Bobomb!
That’s what I figured.

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Have you personally tried this recently? Because archer class trait Assassinate can kill a troop even when dealing 0 damage. Tested personally, recently.
Entangled needs to get fixed, either way :stuck_out_tongue:

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Not as far as I’m aware of, no. And I tried for a solid week trying to make him useful. He’s not worth putting up front, either (my go-to skull spam teams had him only triggering in about a third of every battle when up front) but if you have him in the third spot or so and get extremely lucky, it can swing the battle for you.

The chance is so rare, I couldn’t confirm one way or the other. I do know that Maw’s pre-change Hunger triggered on skulls regardless of damage, as does current Archer and Assassin, so it would stand to reason his does too… if you can ever get it to trigger.

Its the combination of things that make him bad (terrible life, terrible defensive stats overall, not great return for damage on his spell, his spell summons conditionally based on a color he doesn’t use, the fact that he is a summoner with a legendary skull trait period, etc).

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@Scala As I will be testing out a Kruarg deck, if I get confirmation, I will let you know.

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