[Not a Bug] Delves - entangled and protected units receive damage from explosive skulls

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PC, Steam client, Game:, OS: Win 7x64 SP1

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What were you expecting to happen, and what actually happened?
Protected Hero or troops that gets hit by a skull match of 2 regular +1 explosive skulls, and so on, will only get their barrier removed. (Titan class - match brown for barrier). Works as it should in PvP.

However, if you’re entangled, and you get hit, even when your Hero or troop is protected, you will also receive explosive or extra damage, after you lose the barrier. I believe that this is a bug that probably only happens in Delves.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
I tried to replicate this in PvP, but to no avail. Delves are the main culprit, Primal Rift faction.
I did not record a video yet. There are such rooms that have enemies that can do this.
Also, try to entangle an enemy unit that will do the explosive skull match damage.
It will not only remove the barrier, but remove it and deal damage, but again, only when your Hero is entangled. This works differently in a regular PvP match.

Example: try using this team on Delve Level 100 with Trophy upgrade at 100 or 110.
I was using this setup for the Level 100 Primal Rift Delve.
Hero - Titan 100 - Guardian Crown +9

Steps to make it happen again:

  • Get enemies that entangle you when using their abilities or specific color matches.
  • Try to place a match in such a way that the enemy will be able to match an explosive skull.
  • Have barrier active on your Hero before it’s hit. (Hero will lose his barrier, and receive +5 damage to health or armor - a bug.)
  • Also, try the same scenario, but on a unit that hits you with an explosive skull while it’s entangled by Sylvanimora (4-5 gem matches).

4 or 5 skull matches still do damage despite being Entangled.
Doomskulls do damage to a troop despite being Entangled as well.
In regards to barrier, the explosion removes the barrier, and then the damage is factored in after.
This is working as intended. Therefore neither are bugged.


Wait. What if the enemy unit is entangled as well? Will it still do damage to your Hero after removing the barrier, and if so, when?

I edited my post to answer your second question.

In regards to barrier, the explosion removes the barrier, and then the damage is factored in after.
I don’t think that this works correctly then in PvP. I could get a critical hit with one explosive skull, and I will not receive any damage.

It depends on the board. The explosion has to be able to do damage to remove the barrier. Before doing damage to armor or life.

I’ll try to record it.
Something feels off about it.

The skull damage mechanics go something like this, I’m not claiming to have looked at the source but if this is true it makes all the behaviors make sense:

  • If there is at least one Doomskull in the match, 5 damage is dealt and an explosion happens. (That might recursively trigger this process again.)
  • If it is a 4 or 5 skull match, the minimum damage dealt will be 1. (I’m not sure if this is bonus damage.)
  • Damage is dealt according to the first troop’s attack. If they are entangled, attack is 0, so the maximum damage at this phase is 1.

So I think what this means is:

  • Very often a Doomskull match explodes a skull. That will deal damage before the original match resolves, so the effect is a barrier is nullified before damage is dealt.
  • If you make a 4 or 5 skull match, you will remove Barrier even if you are Entangled.
  • It’s possible the order described isn’t set in stone, just “most common”.

RE: the last point, I get the feeling a lot of stuff happens asynchronously on the board. That means sometimes two things happen in parallel instead of one at a time, so the order in which they resolve depends on factors we cannot interpret.

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AW and Slyp got it :slight_smile:

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