Rank 40 Guild Capital Recruiting! $25 Itunes/GPlay Monthly Event Rewards 1 Slot

Capital is now Recruiting


  1. LVL 70+
  2. 20k Gold 20 Trophies Weekly Donations.
  3. We Donate to Gems and Keys ONLY. Maps, Souls, and Tokens is Your choice only when Gems and Keys are not available.

Perks if You Join

  1. Fast Moving guild up the ranks!!!
  2. Tons of keys and Gems!!!
  3. Outstanding Members receive Promotions
    4. Monthly Google Play / Itunes Gift card Reward to 1 Member!?!??! :heart_eyes:

There are ways you can lose your spot in Capital. Everyone Starts at Rank 4

  1. Drama will not be tolerated. 1st Warning & Demotions. 2nd Kick.
  2. Not meeting the Donation Limits. 1st Warning & Demotion. 2nd Last Warning. 3rd Kick. You can take a Vacation from the Game, but must be approved Prior. Excessive absences will be Removed.
  3. At the End of the Day I have finial say.

Rank 45 now we moving up fast 1 slot open!!

This Months Event Highest Gold contributor Wins the Gift Card!!!

This is a highly active and prosperous Guild. We are looking for other highly active members to become top guild. Join for a fun, contribute and be generously rewarded.

Ha, @Serale, we should do this too. :slight_smile:

Hi, i would like to join your guild.

  1. Lvl 88
  2. For now giving about 15k gold but will do more (just bought costume and finished kingdoms), 60 trophies
  3. No problem

If you are interested - my invite code TWEETY_4

I don’t have the money and also, all the weeks we would have the same winner. Lolz

I’d be highly interested in joining if/when a slot’s open. I’m currently in a guild, but I’ll drop it like it’s hot once you give the thumbs up.

Requirements: Level’s nearly 100, probably will be by the time I’ve joined. I play the arena multiple times a week and rarely fail, so trophies are good (as well as always going Champion in PvP, first day of reset). And I’m about 25 gems or so from affording the Dragon Armor, so gold’ll be no prob either!

You tell me I’m all set and I’ll throw up my invite code. (Though it’s honestly just my username in all caps. =P)

'Til then! :v:

Zelfore I sent you a invite. But says your in another guild let me know and i will re send.

Done, feel free to resend! Looking forward to working with you all!


  1. Ok 71 lvl
  2. Ok, I think I will donate more
  3. Perfect for me

Invite code Extended01

I will be glad to join the guild.

2 Slots Open

are you still recruiting?