Recruiting ACTIVE players for progression guild


Gems Are Fruitloops is recruiting 2 players this week. Currently we are ranked 171 and climbing each and every week thanks to a great group of players.

Requirements are: 100 trophies, 100k gold and 750 seals. Minimum. Please try to COLLECT YOUR SEALS by Saturday to help guildies have a larger window of time to cash in.

Most members donate/earn much more than this, you are encouraged to as well. Patience is shown to those who have IRL issues, as long as it is communicated adequately in guild chat and not a sorry after the fact. Seals are averaging between 25-35K weekly. We’re not quite at top bracket, but we’re closing in more every week. Just sorting out the last list of contributors to include lots of active players. :smiley:

Preference will be shown to those with more experience for the good of the guild as a whole.

Ideally we’d like someone who maintains a presence in chat rather than a “silent partner” so to speak, though that is not a deal breaker.

We are interested in knowing your level, what armor you are using and approximately how long you’ve been playing the game.

Please leave interested replies here (even if we are not recruiting!!) we will be checking as often as possible until the positions are filled, and continuing to check as time allows.

Nevermind, someone recruited me.
I can’t figure out how to delete.

Use Dragon Armor
Lvl 258
Played for 4 months
Will easily hit those numbers

I’m interested. Been playing 2 weeks level 80 something with the bought armor thats 100% all across. Invite is Xuddam. thanks

Recruitment is open once again, please read the first post in it’s entirety and leave messages here if interested :slight_smile: Looking forward ot hearign from you!


Current level -323
Average weekly gold donated to the guild 125k
Average weekly seals: 1500 (+ I have bought three times one of the additional seals)
Average weekly trophies: 100

26 Kingdoms owned
4 Kingdoms at 10
248 unique troops

Playing since July 2016
Play mostly on PC (started out on Android)
Have Celestial Armor
Am currently doing Soul Farming to up my troops (1/2 are at Legendary 7th level)

I like chatting - I also like coordinating. I’m torn between staying in the guild I am in because it is laid back, to moving to a guild that I can get the guild chests 20k at least each week… and maybe one of the guardian tasks completed each week.

Sent you a private message… let me know when you’re around

Bump for recruitment once again

Open recruitment
Req 200k - 1000s -100t -GW