Rank 28 Xbox looking for one recruit

Flea Queen here, looking to recruit Two-Three active members for Xbox Dakota’s Fleas. We are a pretty close knit group and share a Facebook page. We have fun while completing tasks and seals. We ask for all seals and completed guild wars, minimum gold is 500k, but we help those needing to build their kingdoms first :trophy::trophy::trophy:

Come have fun with us! “Mon the fleas!”

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May be looking for 2 recruits now! Bump

@walt here is the post!


Oh hai!

Yes indeedy, we are excitedly looking for new recruits to bring into our happy Gemd of War family. Come join an eclectic bunch where you are supported and praised as we kick the butts of the opposition, while sharing tips and ideas and build and clamoring to unseat each other and be the next week’s Guild Wars paragon! :slight_smile:

We rule! Do you rule too? Then join us!!! :smiley:

With your permission, I’d like to move this thread to the Guild Recruitment section for PS4. It could help your post get noticed if members go to that section looking for a guild.

Just let me know if you are okay with that.

Even when it’s for Xbox?

Ah sorry, I didn’t see you saying Xbox in the first post. Yes there is a guild recruitment for xbox. It seems someone has already made the change.

Best of luck on recruitment to you!


Thanks and you too!

Hej ! Are you still recruiting ?

We are! @WaltKrieger

Currently level 215, I want to join a more active guild than mine, which is currently pretty dead. I’ve always reach 250 - 300 t/w and the 1500 s/w. But as i’m still new in the game, and i try to save my gold for upgrading kingdoms (10kingdoms lvl 10). If there is any gold req, i’ll do my best to participate. Do you think I could fit ? I’m pretty active (been here for 3 weeks). Thanks for your answer!


Hey thanks a lot for your interest and we would love to bring you aboard and see what we can do together! I will check to see if I can invite you using the invite code from your profile but if you are in a guild we would just need you to be sure to leave that first. I will send you a message separately as well as we coordinate.

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Mana SUUURRRGGGEEE bump :kissing_heart:

My partner and I are looking for a more active guild than the one we are in right now are you still recruiting ?

Let me get you in touch with the recruiter! @WaltKrieger

Hi Simon, thanks for your interest! I will send you a message separately so that we can chat and plan!

Meegggaaa Bump!

Hello there! I know I have no chance of being able to join your butt kicking guild even if there is a spot open as I just started the game today and am only level 6 or 7. But I was just wondering if you guys may know of any active guilds who would be glad to welcome a new player such as I and help improve my in game self. I plan on being very active as well. Thanks if you ever get around to reading this and perhaps leaving a reply aslo. If this thread is not for the Xbox One version of the game, please ignore my post. Thanks again and have a great day.

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@Joshadoo We do have a sister guild that would gladly accept you and help you with any questions concerning how to level up quickly and maybe join our guild in the near future. Yes it’s for Xbox! I’ll get you in touch with our recruiter! @WaltKrieger