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Xbox Rank 28 Guild recruiting

Flea Queen here, looking to recruit ONE active members for Xbox Dakota’s Fleas. We are a pretty close knit group and share a Facebook page. We have fun while completing tasks and seals. We ask for all seals and completed guild wars, minimum gold contribution is 300K, 100 trophies, and boss/tower participation. On our Facebook page we share teams and what group works well in boss and tower encounters for that week :trophy::trophy::trophy:

Come have fun with us! “Mon the fleas!”

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:100::100::100:Bump :100::100::100:

Can I get another BUMP

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Is there still an opening? Level 600 with all kingdoms done looking to move into a more serious guild.

We do have a spot coming up available. Would you prefer Monday start time to have a fresh week to collect all seals and guild rewards? @marsupial311

Sounds good, I capped this week in another guild on seals. Xbox tag is marsupial311 so shoot me a message when you can.

Thank you!

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Will do! I’ll keep you posted. Also, do you have FB? We have a page where everyone shares teams and advice on game play, also a good source for announcements.

Yes I do,sending that info in a PM.

@Skarbourne still good to go for Monday? Let me know! Thanks!

Yes! I can add you as soon as roll over comes or I can hold off till you are online tomorrow. Walt would be adding you then

I’m around now for the next 20 minutes or so if someone’s around now. If not, I’ll be home tonight at 4pm PST and on all night. Thanks!

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One recruit needed! Bump :blush:

Bumping this. I know what it’s like to just need 1 to fill up a guild. Good luck to you and your guild.


hi there ! i am looking for a PRO guild . i play 6 hours everydays , now level 710 . i started the game in february . i am doing all tasks and events , give 300K gold everyweeks . i am very serious player , and want to improve . my name is saunal edouard aka baryonic in the game . my invite code is ; EDOSAN_FWEF . please contact me if you need me

We may have spot opening up soon. Are you still interested in joining?

I’m interested.
Level 1071.
Invitation code:

We are currently filled up at the moment @Wilmer. But I can keep you on our list and revisit if you are interested in the future.

Bump! We are recruiting again! Message me at WaltKrieger on Xbone! :slight_smile: