Dakota's Fleas- Rank 32- Recruiting new DEDICATED players!

Hey everyone!
Dakota’s Fleas is looking for some fresh people that want to be a part of the Fleas Family.
We’ve got a really active Facebook group where we all communicate and encourage each other. And post random stupid gifs all the time :smile:

Minimum Weekly Requirements:

  • 400k gold
  • 1200+ seals
  • 125+ trophies
  • Guild Wars daily participation required
  • Invasions/Raid Boss encouraged but not required (we usually get most of the way through)
  • Join our Facebook group so we can get to know you!

Ping me on here, or look up “Gems of War- Dakota’s Fleas” group on Facebook and send one of the admins a message about your interest. I’m Leslie & my admin partner is Anthony.

We’d love to have you! :blush: