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Dakota's Fleas Recruiting on XBOX ONE (Rank #30) REQS: 1500 seals, 300k Gold,all tasks completed each week. Compete in all events!

Hey guys. Dakota’s Fleas has 2 spots available on Xbox One. Guild Rank #30.
Our requirements are 300k Gold,1500 seals,and compete in all events.
This is a super fun guild. We complete all guild tasks each week.,and a few legendary tasks.
We have a facebook page where we share our ideas,team builds,and get to know each other a little bit where it’s kind of like a surrogate family. We’re competitive but also very casual for a top ranked guild to the point where even if you can’t make reqs one week you won’t get kicked. Need a vacation,or will be away for a few days,you won’t get kicked. That is to say you still must remain active the rest of the time.
*We prefer if you have all your kingdoms leveled to 10 and can compete in guild wars bracket’s 1&2 because that’s where we usually land. Need help building teams,we got you covered along with other strategies for maintaining resources you won’t get anywhere else.
To apply,just let us know your current level,and if these requirements are doable for you on a weekly basis.

Hi there, I was wondering if you still have a spot open? Currently level 1188 and have all my kingdoms to 10.

Xbox GT is Lewd Llama 69

1 more spot available.

Bump. We’ll have an open spot Monday if anyone’s looking for a casual/competitive guild and can meet the reqs.

2 spots open atm. please read above for reqs,and if the guild sounds right for you.

Still need new blood. If you’re close to completing kingdoms we’ll accept you too. Super fun guild.