RECRUITING- XBOX Family of guilds seeking new dedicated members!

Flea Circus- Top 40 Guild (looking for 5 people)

Requirements: 900k gold, 2000 seals, 500 trophies, event participation, communication via Facebook. Tier 3 in Guild Wars.

Flea Farm- Top 400 Guild (looking for 3 people)

Requirements: 400k gold, 1000 seals, 400 trophies, event participation, communication via game chat or Facebook (preferred).

Join an established group with access to a huge amount of resources, advice, mentors, and fun! Looking for mature, funny, communicative team players. Lots of long term highly ranked players to help mentor and guide players working their way up.

Come join us on Facebook to work together!


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Come join the fleas! Fantastic guild with a great community. Plenty of experts to help with delves, guild wars, and getting the most out of the game. There are a ton of long-time members (I’m three years in and lots of folks predate me) willing to help!

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<33333 we’ve got such an awesome group of people!

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