Rank 140 Drums of Thunder Has Moved


Please see the new recruitment page if you wish to join this wonderful guild :+1:

LFG Player lvl 214

Knock it out of the ballpark you onesie wearing tequila drinking wild man! This is a great guild folks. I know I started it! Have fun AM and guildmates. I’ll see ya around.
*no extra charge for the reputation boost.


I want to join. My invite code is LABOULE


Thanks for the PM, invite has been sent.
Glad to have you with us.


Joined. What should I do in the first place?


I’ll PM you to keep the thread clean.


I’m interested in joining, is there still a spot left?


There’s a spot left. I’ll send you a PM quickly.


Looking to fill one slot :slight_smile:


Hy Angry

I would like to join you if its still possible. I am 287 level player and i am very active player and i can fill the requests above the topic
If its okay for you my invite code Magnus_48



If you leave your current guild I’m happy to invite you


oopps , ok i done it


No problem. Welcome aboard.

We are now full.


Looking for 2 new lucky recruits


Can you add me? Im level 104 and active. Invite code is SVARTIR


You’ll need to leave your current guild for me and then I’ll be able to invite you


Oh sorry, I left.


No need to apologise. You have your invite. Welcome to Drums of Thunder.

We have one spot up for grabs :+1:


Hello , please add me to your guild, I am level 28 but I have only 4 days of playing, I am an active player and I am looking forward to help with all my money , I have already the bonus gold armor. Invite code is PLA13YER


Hi PLA13YER, I’ve sent you a PM