Rank 133 guild Drums of Thunder is full

Join Drums of Thunder now, just don’t touch my tequila.
We’re a friendly group of both hardcore and casual players.

We offer you:

  • Rank 133
  • 280% gold bonus
  • 3 statues completed weekly
  • All mana bonuses at 70 and over
  • An active chat
  • We take task completion requests
  • Help whenever necessary
  • A dedicated Discord channel

These things and more can be yours, all we ask for is:

  • Check chat frequently, connect to Discord
  • Help those who ask for it
  • Donate to the statue we’ve coordinated
  • Inform me if you are going to be absent for a prolonged period
  • Show respect to your guild mates and be polite
  • Collect Seals frequently
  • Donate 78k Gold / 700 Seals / 40 Trophies

I am happy to work with newer players to help you find your way. If this applies to you send me a message and I can explain in a little more detail. Most members donate between 200k - 800k gold which is what I can help you work towards.

If you want to join our family don’t hesitate to reply or PM me a little information about yourself and we can get started. Just remember to have fun.