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Drums of Thunder - Active chilled guild recruiting [30/30] - GW optional


Join our Drums of Thunder family now, we’re a friendly group of both hardcore and casual players. We’ve recently branched out to make a sister guild Drums of Krynn.

We offer you:

  • Rank 110
  • 320% gold bonus
  • 3 statues completed weekly plus a dedicated LT week
  • All mana bonuses at 90 and over
  • An active chat
  • We take task completion requests
  • Help whenever necessary
  • A dedicated Discord channel

These things and more can be yours, all we ask for is:

  • Check chat frequently,
  • Connection to Discord would be nice but isn’t a requirement
  • Help those who ask for it
  • Donate to the statue we’ve coordinated
  • Inform me if you are going to be absent for a prolonged period
  • Show respect to your guild mates and be polite
  • Collect Seals frequently
  • Donate 78k Gold / 700 Seals / 40 Trophies


I am happy to work with newer players to help you find your way. If this applies to you send me a message and I can explain in a little more detail. Most members donate between 200k - 800k gold which is what I can help you work towards.

If you want to join our family don’t hesitate to reply or PM me a little information about yourself and we can get started. Just remember to have fun.


I would love to join your guild, I’m currently in a pretty inactive guild I joined at random when I started.

I’m pretty new to the game (level 39 and a few days in) but I really love the game and would like to progress. I’d also really appreciate any guidance anyone could give me.

I can put in quite a bit of time and should be able to get the 1500 seals every week :slight_smile:

If you’re interested give me a shout - I can’t PM yet as I made this account to reply to your message.


Hey Bex, we’d be happy to have you and help you out where we can. We were all new once :slight_smile:

You just need to leave your current guild and drop me your invite code if you’re still interested.

I am currently looking for a guild. Might we be a match?

Same boat as Becksies - but loving and investing into this game. Definitely can max seals each week, and leveling up my kingdom to be able to work towards the gold goal. Invite code is IXTHOD_1 if interested.

Hey Tejaila, what are you looking for in a guild? Would you be able to meet the mins mentioned?

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Hey lostsoul619.

I will just paste this from the post I linked to:

About me:
I am a new player (level 51 at the moment) and I am looking for an active guild. I have only been playing for a couple of weeks, and so far it has been easy for me to max out the seals. Since I enjoy the PVP aspect of the game as well I have also been earning over 275 trophies this week. I am currently leveling my kingdoms and have not even gotten one to level 10 yet. Therefore I would appreciate low gold requirements while I level up.
My invite code is: TEJAILA
I am currently in a lower level guild should that be relevant for the invitation.

What I look for:
An active guild. I don’t know whether the following things are presumptuous to ask for as a new player, but I will ask anyways: Well leveled statues (over 45?) and most importantly: Weekly seal income of 20.000 for those sweet packs…
A friendly guild chat would be a nice thing as well. :slight_smile:

Alright. That is all I can think of at the moment. Looking forward to seeing you in game!

Hey Ixthod, maxing seals is great to start with. Once you’ve levelled up your kingdoms more the gold will come in time. You’d need to leave your current guild for me to invite you :slight_smile:

Hey Tejaila, we’d be happy to have you in our guild. Seals and trophies will be a great help, give what you can with regards to gold but focus on your kingdoms more to start with.

We do have a discord channel where most of our sister guild and a few of us can be found, however using it isn’t a requirement. We do also have a friendly guild chat and Facebook page. Just check the message of the day for important info.

You’d need to leave your current guild for me to send you an invite.

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I just left my old guild and look forward to an invite :smiley:

Just want to say that this is a great guild and wish you all the best :+1:
Anyone would be lucky to be a part of it.


Invite sent :slight_smile:

Aw thanks AM. Nice to see you around on discord :slight_smile:

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Do you still have any opening, if so I will leave my current guild so I can join your guild.
ID: ThetaSigma

Hey ThetaSigma, we do still have spaces yes. I can send you an invite if you’re still looking for a new home.

Yes, I am looking for a more active guild before the guild wars start. I have left my old guild.

Invite sent.

Thanks I’m in

Hey! I would love to join your guild if you’re still recruiting. I’m still relatively new, but I’ve tried to give all I can to the random guilds I’ve joined looking for an active one. I can meet the minimums and then some!

Hey Durana, we’re still recruiting. Leave me your invite code and I’ll send you an invite. You need to leave your current guild before I can invite you tho :slight_smile: