Looking for Guild (PC/mobile)

Update: I joined Drums of Thunder. Thanks to all the kind offers!

Hello Everyone.

About me:
I am a new player (level 51 at the moment) and I am looking for an active guild. I have only been playing for a couple of weeks, and so far it has been easy for me to max out the seals. Since I enjoy the PVP aspect of the game as well I have also been earning over 275 trophies this week. I am currently leveling my kingdoms and have not even gotten one to level 10 yet. Therefore I would appreciate low gold requirements while I level up.
My invite code is: TEJAILA
I am currently in a lower level guild should that be relevant for the invitation.

What I look for:
An active guild. I don’t know whether the following things are presumptuous to ask for as a new player, but I will ask anyways: Well leveled statues (over 45?) and most importantly: Weekly seal income of 20.000 for those sweet packs…
A friendly guild chat would be a nice thing as well. :slight_smile:

Alright. That is all I can think of at the moment. Looking forward to seeing you in game!

PS. I could also use some advice about armors: I have been saving up gems to buy a good armor. I read here that I should get the spider armor first, because it does not give bonus XP which is supposedly helpful below player level 200. Is that still a thing?
Long term celestial and/or dragon armor are the goal. Since souls are quite the bottleneck at the moment, I figured Celestial would be the first. What are your thoughts?

edit: armor buying advice
edit2: update

I wouldn’t get spider first… Get dragon first because that will really increase your gold earned thus faster kingdom leveling

Good luck on your guild search :four_leaf_clover:


Thank you for the input Vangor. The bonus stats from the kingdoms do sound very enticing - does the game “scale” up in response though? What I mean by that: Is the enemy strength (quests, arena, challenges, explore) linked to my player or kingdom level?

Vangor is right, get Dragon armor first. Or if you have some money left over and decide to stay with this great game for a long time, buy the Deathknight armor. Great pack! :smiley:

Best luck! :smiley:


Thanks Eika. The Deathknight armor is amazing - that does seem like one of the best money purchases available to me.

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Try Drums of Thunder! They are recruitng on the forums so you can see that they offer what you want.

edit: nvm, I saw your post in their thread. :slight_smile:

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Thanks anyways SpaceOddity :slight_smile:

The difficulty is predominantly determined by player level☺

Edit: not sure if abbadon is recruiting but that would be a good guild to get in. Their GL is @Pabloskee hes a good dude

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That is very valuable information. Thanks a lot Vangor!

Anytime brudda☺

Hi Tejaila:)
Safe Word have a spot if you want:)
Rank 90
We have statues to 89-92
We do 20k seals
We r a friendly guild who help each other out
Req: 750 seals, daily player and user of LINE ( we communicate there)
Welcome to Safe Word if you want:)

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Hey Kraxhilda. Thank you so much for the offer. I joined Drums of Thunder already, so I must respectfully decline to join you guys. Best wishes


Ok:) good luck in your new guild:):smiley: