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ISO active guild

Have dragon armor, I commit to 1500 seals per week, tier 1 pvp weekly, and am donating about 70k gold atm as I’m still leveling up my kingdoms but I can also work towards 100k pretty easily. I’m not the most active player, but I will always shoot to max out seals so I’d like to find a guild that can hit the 20k chests on a fairly regular basis. 40k is an added bonus.

You’re welcome to join Drums of Thunder if you’d like to drop your invite code.

We alternate between leveling our kingdoms and doing guild tasks.

Kingdom week we ask 50k and Guild week we ask 75k. Tweekable if necessary.

We always hit 20k seals.

I can definitely hit these numbers. Invite code PM’d.

Welcome aboard! Drums Of Thunder is glad to have you!