Drums Of Thunder A New Guild Master!

Join Drums of Thunder, we have cookies!
We are a comfortable cross between hardcore and casual.
We offer
*240% gold bonus at the moment.
*3 or 4 statue bonuses weekly.
*Rank 166 and climbing.
*All mana bonuses +59 and over, increasing weekly!
*+3 turns in treasure hunt
*A friendly and helpful atmosphere.
*Active and social guild chat.
*We take task completion requests
*Try to keep mana levels mostly even
*Seals are at 30k. Not up to 40k yet.
*Facebook guild page

  • Messenger optional but a good idea

We ask that you
*Be polite and respectful to your guildmates! We have 0 tolerance for rudeness or trolling
*Be active and notify me if you’re going to be absent more than 5 days.
*Donate at least 78kg/800s/40t. If you can’t hit one let me know and we can tweak this. Most donate over 200k gold
*Collect seals every day you play
*Must check guild chat frequently through the week for statue coordination. Chat makes a fun and helpful guild. If you’re a quiet type no problem. You don’t have to chat.

Right now we have a system to help players level kingdoms and get cards. I’ll explain this to interested parties. All but a few members donate between 200k and 1mil range on gold. If you’re very new to the game I’ll work with you on g/s/t minimums. Our goal is to have fun while earning rewards!
Give me some information about yourself and PM me your invite code to join.
We have several social members so come in and pull up a chair.Whether you are a hardcore or a more casual player we say “Welcome”!
Drums Of Thunder


Chat is down. Just wanted to welcome Drums Of Thunder’s new members.!

I have a friend who is starting out. She has been looking for a guild to join and she’s level 5 right now but willing to put in effort to play. Do you still have space? Her code is jodiexc if you do but she is in a random guild currently.

She’s welcome! Let her know we are a beginning guild with 5 so far. If she’s ok with a small (for now!) guild I’ll send the invite when she leaves. Just post when /if she does.

I will let her know. She has already gone to bed for the night so I won’t talk to her until tomorrow evening. I don’t think she’ll mind so long as people are active. I will leave her a message to drop her random guild after she gets up tomorrow. If something comes up I’ll let you know. Thanks!

Ok nvm she is still up so she is leaving her guild now and said you can invite her tonight if you are on.

Invite sent!

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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thank you, glad to be aboard

I also have a friend that would love to be part of something new & growing.

Her invite code is Dancing Tiger. She is low level but loves the game.

She’s welcome! Invite sent!

11 now onbard and lept passed 7k ranks! We are gold 1, giving 35% daily gold. We keep growing!

19 spots filled. 6 available!

Room for another player?
Level 178 and looking for a new guild,old one died :frowning:

Code is deckxy

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Invite sent! Hope to see you soon!

We only have 4 spots open. I have to say we have some really nice members!
Up to 40% gold bonus. That will increase soon.

Only 1 spot open for now! Come in sit a bit!

We upgraded and have 1 spot open and another probable.
Platinum 2 bonus of 55%.
We completed many tasks but don’t do enough for statue bonuses.
Hoping for a hardercore player that doesn’t always want to be pushed by heavy guild requirements. But this is still new player friendly.

If you still have a opening invite me XYLSTREA

Invite sent. Welcome!