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Looking for a active guild lvl 180

Anyone need a daily player I put all gold towards tasks usually 200 to 600k a week plus always complete my guild wars

It might help to include which platform you are playing on @Slimshady7226.

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I play mobile sry

I fixed your catagory for ya😎

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I just need a active guild that donates n does guild wars I feel I’m the only one. Plus a guild to help teach me

Then the guild i posted is a perfect fit for you! PM @Flatulenzio

First post also just signed up bare with me evry1


I’m sure that someone will come along and give ya a shot. I like your enthusiasm and I’m sure others will as well. Best of luck to ya @Slimshady7226!

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Quick question what’s an invite code?

It’s what someone needs to invite you to their guild. In-game (on the world map) you will see a little cog with ‘Settings’ under it to the right of the screen. Click on that and you will see your invite code at the bottom.

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Ok ty. Why do all kingdoms need to be lol 10

There’s also one other way, it’s the easiest way but it takes a coordinated effort. If you type something in chat someone can click on your profile and invite ya that way.

Not all guilds will require you to have all kingdoms to level 10, but after saying that ,when you level a kingdom to 10 you will get a skill bonus for whatever skill that kingdom offers. I.E.- Dragon’s Claw will give armor and Karakoth gives magic.

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Bonus to all cards or just hero card



You’d be welcome in Taxaholic. Here is a link to our recruitment thread. PM me if you’re interested.


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