Rank 140 Drums of Thunder Has Moved

We are looking for one lovely member to join us :+1:

We’re recruiting, pull up a seat and help us reach rank 150 :slight_smile:

Hi, I would like to join up. I’ve been playing casually, but daily for about two years now and am level 265. Lately I want to invest more time into the game. My old guild was around place 220, but there was no activity in the guild chat.
Now I’m looking for a new guild with more activity in chat. I can do the minimum requirements and think a little bit more.
I work shifts, so I log in daily, but mostly focus on 2-3 days off each week, that vary constantly.
I’m 40 years old and from Germany.
Really looking forward to join up. :slight_smile:

Oh, and my invite code is RAGBOLD

Hello, I started to play the game 7 days ago and i am lvl 53, i play daily and like to do many pvp’s. I will like to join your guild because i see that you aim top and i will like to help you aim that goals, i like challenges. My invite code is QUADCHANCE.

PM sent to you.

We are looking for one lovely member to join us on our climb.


I thought I would stop by and say congrats on making top 150! :fireworks:

My time spent with Drums of Thunder have great memories and has helped me with managing my own guild.

Thanks to all of you for your inspirations.


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Wouldn’t have climbed as fast without your contribution.

All the best with your guild.



Can I join please? TY

Looking for someone to come and join our climb

Aaaaand we’re full again. :smile:

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We are looking for one new player. Just PM me (SpaceOddity) if you are interested. We are currently moving to Discord, so if you want you can find me there through SpaceOddity#0934.

I would like to join!

What’s your invite code ?

Get this is our new member. This thread is now obsolete.