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Raise the value of the Clan Orb from 300 to 400 and Major Clan Orb from 1500 to 2000 Guild Seals!

Greetings, dear developers!


One Orb of Clans gives us 300 Guild Seals.
5 Orbs of Clans gives us as much as 1 Major Orb of Clans, which is 1500 Guild Seals.

Since people complain, and they are mostly correct, you usually make things harder for us to get or obtain, why not make things easier for a change? You can now do this with the Clan Orbs!

I am requesting the following changes to the Regular and Major Clan Orb:

  • 1 Orb of Clans should now give us 400 Guild Seals instead of the usual 300 Guild Seals.
  • 1 Major Orb of Clans should give us 2000 Guild Seals instead of the usual 1500 Guild Seals.

Make it happen!


I’m totally in favor of getting more stuff, but I think you need a bit more justification to convince devs&co.


What is your reasoning in this @Koromac? Please provide some context or justification for this.

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The reasoning is probably that seals were formerly soft-capped at 1500 per week (so, Major being 1500 made sense—just doubled your weekly seals), and Minor was just 20% of that.

If the game followed the same logic today, the Major should be 2k because the soft-cap increased, and the Minor woukd also need to increase to keep being 20% of that.

Otherwise, we’ve got this arbitrary 1500/300 number set.


You nailed it!
This is the exact reason why I created this suggestion. It’s an issue for me, and that’s how I see it.

I think that this increased cap also warrants that the Orbs give a little bit more as well.
Of course, the percentage, or chances of them appearing, should remain the same as they were.

The same goes for the 40k Guild Seals cap.

@Magnusimus already answered for me.

Going to play Devil’s Advocate here.

The threshold at which individual users can collect Seals doesn’t really matter at all; what matters is the guild-wide thresholds, which upgrade the contents of the chest.

A Major Orb of Clans brings the entire guild 3.75% of the way towards redeeming 40,000 Seals to have the maximum drop rate in chests. That’s the same as it was before the update, so nothing should change.


5% would probably make those with slight OCD tendencies feel a little better than 3.75% though XD

But to your point— I wouldn’t be upset if orbs were increased, but I’m not begging for it, either. I don’t need it, and I barely want it in light of some of the other QoL things I’ve been wishing to have in Gems of War for who knows how long.

I would, however, be very upset if orbs were increased and then the guild thresholds were increased to match. Level 6 Guild Chests are a godsend to very active, low-level accounts/guilds, and they should not be made harder to unlock


I think the Clan Orbs is great the way it is.

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This is a nice idea. However I really wish it doesnt go through.

I always cash in 100% of my purple orbs in the week of the second Friday of the month so my Guild reaches 40000 faster.
So no, dont punish the people that tried to be helpful to the Guild, or else they would lost thousands of seals the moment a change like this happened


Plus the amount the seals needed for upgrades would most likely go up if they raise the Clan orbs too.

My idea is simple and it doesn’t touch or raise the issue with the Guild Seals cap, which is 40k pts.

I think what Tuaya’s larger point was is that those who’ve spent their orbs rather than saved them would feel they made a poor choice if suddenly the currency became 33% more valuable overnight.


When the new guardian troops came out, I cashed in a tremendous amount of orbs, nearly 40k worth of guild seals so I could get all the troops. That included around 15 Major Orbs, and the guardians weren’t released too terribly long ago. And now you’re suggesting that they increase the value of them, so in effect, if I would have held on to them, I’d have 7500 more seals from the Major Orbs alone?

Yeah, no thanks.

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I think the way around this would be to give everyone a lot of advance notice, like with the change to Spoils of War (although probably more notice than that). Like, a lot.

That being said, I’m not really seeing too much justification around this aside from an aesthetic/contextual mismatch of number sets.

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Dear devs,
Please give us more loot for free.


Not gonna happen.

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So, you’re saying that because they let us get more free seals per week and made it easier for the guild to reach 40k seals, they should also give us even MORE seals via orbs.



I wonder what @Saltypatra thinks about this… :thinking: