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Is there a limit to how many orbs of clans you can use in a week?


So before I go crazy next week helping the guild out with seals, has anyone seen a max limit on the orbs of clans yet?

I haven’t used any yet.

If not I will find out next week and let everyone know.

I’ll wait until Friday though to make sure the new mythic drops first.

You never know with all these bugs lately.

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And what are the seals given out?

600 and 1,500?

300 and 1500.

No idea if there is a limit, but i don’t see why there would be. This seems like the devs’ answer to the question of 'why can’t a small guild ever open good guild chests?". Save up enough orbs and you can! Even a 1-person guild could theoretically get 40,000 seals.


I used 2 major and 1 minor orb of clans this week, no glitches with my seals amount or with guilds seals amount, both were added normally.


Thanks for the quick responses. As long as the new mythic drops Friday, I’ll use them all.

This is by far my favorite orb to get.

You guys should have no trouble hitting 40,000 seals by Friday anyway (unless you’ve got a couple people on vacation or something…). I’d save them for when you really need them.

We’ll be using ours this week, but we’re borderline on making 40k most weeks, so it is worth it for us. It’s nice that it will be a GW week as well, since we can get a few extra seals from daily wins if a few of us can max-out seals by Tuesday or Wednesday.


I used 4 orbs last week one after another. No problems, I did wait until I hit 1,500 Seals through. It Did not bump the Guild total but we were at Max at the time. Seen other reports it only applies to YOU not the Guild total even though hey are called “Orb of Clans” A bit counterintuitive, but there you go.


I’ll make sure to pay attention then If i we haven’t hit 40 k by then. You think it would go towards the whole as well. Since it does when you buy them.

I have used one when I was at maxiumum (1500) while our guild was below maximum (< 40k). My count increased to 1800 and the guild total increased by 300. For whatever reason, the guild total stops at 40k no matter what, but these still count toward reaching 40k. This is somewhat different from the 50 seal bonus from winning a GW day, where it counts toward your personal total if under 1500, does not add to the personal maximum (unlike Orb of Clans) and does count toward the guild’s total (again, if under 40k).