Raise the value of Daily Guild Seals from 19 to 20!

A simple request.

I am not familiar with the Trophy Ranking system that increases the rewards or so-called Guild Seals on a daily basis, but the absolute maximum amount appears to be 19.

Since you’re telling us that you care about the player base, I am asking you to raise the number from 19 to 20, the minimum possible amount.

Now, it’s your time to prove if you can actually fulfill your promise in at least one of my suggestions.

Screenshot: (this is what I have in mind)


If you support this suggestion, please upvote it or comment on it to specify why.

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Round numbers are always better.

Clean numbers or riot.

What happens when you hit 10 million trophies? Maybe you get the desired 20 seals per day?

All it needs is one devs seal of approval.

I asked about this. The max number is 19.