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Raid boss points calculation

which factors influence individual raid boss points ? if it was only damage dealt to the boss every player at the same boss level with same number of wins should have equal points. how does it come to a point difference of more than 1200 between a guildmate and me at boss lvl 180 when we both won all fights? is the boss not equal strenght for everyone at a given lvl ?

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Only guessing here but I would assume if people are using true damage they aren’t getting full points since they aren’t eliminating the boss’s armor.

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If Zuul’Goth dies (even from true damage) you should be getting the full damage dealt including the armour. If you’re seeing discrepancies, please submit a ticket and we can look at your account.

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that’s exactly what i’d like to know , if all the guildwar factors apply here too .( true damage can’t have been it here,as there’s no td troop in shentang and i didn’t use a td weapon ).

it’s nothing related to my account, look at xbox leaderboards and you see even bigger discrepances ( people at boss lvl 135 having same or more pts than others on 160)

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You mentioned the discrepancy was between you and a guildmate. With the leaderboards I’d assume that not all the battles were won, since you still keep the damage done to a boss even if you don’t win the battle.

So if you kill the boss for full points but lose the battle you stay at the same boss level to repeat, therefore more points at the same boss level as someone else because you’ve repeated the battle for more points?

Yup. But Zuul’Goth’s stats don’t go up if you lose, so you can never get more than his health and armour for that level per fight.


so boss lvl rises also with losses ? otherwise it’s mathematically impossible ,that the person at boss lvl 160 has less wins than the one on 135. regarding my and gm’s result i can submit ahother ticket ( the one for missin gw rewards today is still running) but my raid point result is not so important for me ( won’t make it in final leaderboard with shop-lvl 4 ) , i simply wanted to understand the calculation rules behind raid.

Depends on what your definition of “boss level” and “wins” are.

Example (note: numbers are made up for ease of explanation, and should be not taken as indicative of Boss Damage values at certain levels)

Player A is at boss level 160 and has 100,000 Damage. They have not lost a single battle so far.

Player B is at boss level 150 and has 150,000 Damage. They have fought more battles than Player A, but have lost to the level 150 Zuul’Goth a few times. Each time they lost they did manage to kill Zuul’Goth, but died to the remaining troops. So his Boss Damage went up, but the boss level did not.


He said that Zuul’Goth’s stats don’t go up if you lose.
I guess that level 135 killed the Boss and lost the battles a lot more than level 160.

ok, got it , was writing so slow, that i missed the two in between posts,lol . thx for explaining again.

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