Can someone explain this to me?


I just checked out the raid leaderboard for fun and saw this and got confused:
(EDIT: Censored name, wasn’t meant to be a callout, really thought this was normal/doable in a legal way!)

Boss Level 2 means that you haven’t defeated the minions. If you defeat all minions and battle Zuul for the first time, he’s at level 20. But defeating the minions doesn’t count as damage dealt to Zuul, so even if that person lost the first battle against minions over and over and over by buying a million sigils, I don’t get where the damage number comes from. So how can someone be Boss Level 2 and have dealt that much damage? Is there a trick to raid that maybe makes it fun and quick and not horrible and I don’t know about it? As you can see from my not-really-existing stats, I battled the minions after seeing this to find out if something counts as damage, but it obviously doesn’t. I started with Boss Level 2 and 0 damage (I normally don’t do anything in Raid), so I am very confused.

If this is a display bug or anything like it, feel free to edit the category and shove it into bug reports or something.


You may want to obscure the names to not trigger the callout rule. There’s definitely something weird going on with that entry though, especially since it was at a much higher boss level half a day ago.


Oops, I didn’t mean to call out anyone, I was honestly just very confused and thought there was a (legal) way to do this. If the level was higher before, I suspect it’s just a display bug, but I’ll still go ahead and censor the names now, give me a minute. Eeek, didn’t want to do anything bad!

EDIT: There, censored it with bunnies, all good now!:rabbit:

  1. Agree about the call out… But it is a question more than an accusation of cheating.
  2. Bunch of filth casuals on PC/Mobile every week compared to X1;) Very low Gems buy in every leaderboard I see posted to get first every time. :thinking:

Edit: Love the redaction method @Sheba :grin:


See this message by @Cyrup about it in another thread:


Thank you so much for the link, I hadn’t seen that thread before (though likely also wouldn’t have guessed it to be the same because Cyrup had taken down the screenshot). Thanks for pinging Cyrup as well, I suppose this matter is already under control then and it’s actually some sort of illegal thing going on instead of something legal I just didn’t know about.

I really thought this might be possible (I suspected beating up the between-minion “bosses” or something like that), so I honestly didn’t mean to call out anyone, eep!
Also I wouldn’t know about the leaderboards, I never managed to get higher than boss level 80 or 90 because I don’t spent anything on the shop and hate the endless raid battles anyway. :stuck_out_tongue: Honestly, though, anyone who can stand raid for longer than 20 minutes already has my deepest respect. :wink:

And of course I censor things with bunnies. I have a reputation to uphold!:rabbit::triumph::wink:


I think this really should be a support thread then. Or at least ping some dev for it.


I believe this person was banned already for cheating.
He pulled 3 mythics in 30 seconds while i was on global and explained all his resources came from treasure hunts.
When confronted from a number of others to explain his position on the leader board he went silent.


That person had no way to have Mang at his level…

So ya no way he could have killed that many boss period!

He has approximately10 less to all stats excluding magic compare to someone level 1000 lol… Just from stats increase at different level.

His defense team had 3300 team score so…


Thanks for all the replies and info. I have moved the thread over to support now and will just leave it at that and wait if/when one of the devs will say something about this. If the player is already banned, then yay! My original question - if this was a bug or something (legally) possible - has by now really been answered, I guess. I had really hoped there was a way to make raid fun by keeping the boss level down, but oh well… Still not an event for me, then.


Did the devs freeze the leaderboard, or have the top five been suspiciously inactive since Sheba posted this thread?


I didn’t check, but maybe they saw my bunny-filled screenshot and everyone is waiting and hoping I will take another and cover their names with bunnies as well? Because who wouldn’t want to get covered in bunnies?:blush: :rabbit:


Just remember to cover them this time or you may find a hammer coming your way :hammer:


No worries, bunnies are awesome at gnawing on wood and hammers have wooden handles… there’s nothing I have to fear, bunnies would likely love a hammer to gnaw on.:blush::wink:

Also here, screenshot as promised to make all the leaderboard people (and myself) happy by censoring them with bunnies.:rabbit: I hope this is a good update for the thread. I do see a difference from my old screenshot, though, in the placement of the odd person and the damage.


So many bunnies :joy:
Bunni’Nog may pay me a visit in my dreams tonight!


Noooooooo that’s not good! Bunni’Nog is not a good representative of bunnykind! A true bunny is cute, made for cuddles and absolutely harmless-adorable!
Here are some better alternatives for bunny-dreams:


I’m just tugging on your fur Sheba :blush:
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