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Isn't there something fishy here?

Since I am aware of the no call out policy, I won’t be naming someone specific. I’ll just post a graph showing the results (around 2 hours ago) of this week Raid event. Blue line represent the present score and orange bars correspond to the score you can get with 100% victory based upon the boss lvl.
The orange bar can be non representative to players at boss lvl 500 but this was not my point.


For those who want to check the results themselves, the top 100 players are always visible and one forumla you can use to get the score of a 100% victory based upon boss level is 2480 +(boss lvl / 5 -20) * (135 + boss lvl)
This will work for boss lvl 100+.

If you want to report someone for cheating you may still do it, but there are have already been such reports since the last raid event 3 weeks ago.


Does your chart factor in any boss damage done in matches that don’t result in actually beating the boss? those points still add too, even if they aren’t higher up in boss level.


Yes, the blue bars take into account any damage dealt to the boss win or loss. It’s just the results displayed in the top 100.

It’s possible to get 1 million points if you really want to on any boss level. Just beat the boss and lose. The boss doesn’t level up if you lose.

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Yes, it is. Some people even lose on purpose at a certain level because the difficulty increase after some point may not justify the extra points given.
But you may have missed what was funny on the graph (namely someone with 100% victory).

What’s so surprising about a 100% victory rate? Micki the Fox carried a near-100% win rate to level 500 in the first raid event:

In fact I was thinking of someone else here, which has 100% victory (while being under lvl 600). For Micki, since I looked at the results this morning and he was already 500 I can’t conclude anything anymore.

That there seems to be only one player capable of doing it, without anybody else paying for the attempt even getting remotely close. If I had that kind of luck avoiding bad cascades I’d really spend my time online gambling instead, I’d probably win the jackpot twice with a single dice roll. :thinking:

Huge difference, like being able to dive for 15 minutes without ever coming up for air compared to just coming up for air a few times. Not calling out anybody though, there’s still the possibility this involves some brilliant technique far surpassing anything I’m capable of. Players also seem to be able to legitimately play Treasure Hunt for several hundred turns, which is way beyond my skill level.

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Thanks for the interesting analysis @Ally, I’ve also reported it in the past… Hopefully this will bring more attention to this issue and something will be done about it, it’s certainly unfair for everyone else grinding out event battles these last weeks.

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I believe this constitutes a callout so I’m closing the thread.

Either contact myself or support if you wish to discuss this further