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Zuul'Goth's hall of fame

Whereas PvP top 100 leaderboards show players’ results starting on an equal base, raids and invasions won’t have the best at the top of the leaderboard since everyone can buy a different amount of sigils.
For this reason, I want to share with the community the results of those who are really the top players of last week raid since they have 100% victories :clap: :

Position Name Level Guild Boss lvl Actual score Perfect score ratio x 100
17 Soul-Storm 1410 Palladium 500 72000 * *
20 Micki the Fox 1245 INFERNO 500 67840 * *
56 Gabriel2926 1175 Alea Jacta Est 490 51230 51230 100,0
57 Leland 744 Vicious Puppies 490 51230 51230 100,0
62 Trin 919 Pirkeys 485 50220 50220 100,0

With less than 100% victories but still really great results here are the honorable mentions :

Position Name Level Guild Boss lvl Actual score Perfect score ratio x 100
53 Starquake 1495 Legende von Avalon 495 53000 52250 98,6
61 Argon 1221 na rasslabone 480 50287 49220 97,9
89 Teletha 1326 Dominant 445 43625 42500 97,4

Congratulations guys, keep up the good work !


I hope and pray that I one day can be as good at gems of war as these individuals are. Truly… unbelievable. :clap:


Amazing work guys. Would be good if you can share with the wider community how you do this so we can all benefit.

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Sure, anyone can use the formula (boss lvl -20) * (0,2 x boss lvl +11) to have the total amount of damage possibly dealt by a perfect run depending on the boss lvl.
For boss lvl 500 perfect score are 53 280 + 1040 n with n any positive integer. There is only 0,096% of false positives.
All the personnal data of players could be accessed in game on the top 100 during the raid or more conveniently on Taran’s website at anytime : http://www.taransworld.com/Leaderboard/

This is awesome!! Personally, I think the leaders should be the ones who get to the highest boss level, not the highest percentage, but either way these players all rock!!

I’m curious, Is 500 the highest boss cap, or can you go higher?

Yes. 500 is the highest level of Zuul’Goth in Raid, while 144 is the highest level of Towers in Invasion. Zuul’Goth increased his level by 5 every successful match, only 1 per win match for Invasion. That’s why maximum level of Invasion is a lot lower.

I’m impressed for those reaching high level without losing once. Raid is a lot harder than Invasion, because of vastly different enemies. I bet those people always play very slowly but very calculated with every moves. I want to play like that too, but I get impatient sometime, so I just aim for fast-winning instead of calculated one.

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Yes, but that’s only one of the multiple extraordinary skills those players have on their bows. For instance, last week, one of these players won 1328 battles in a row. Also, his PvP battles last less than 15 sec in average (loading time included), I wish I can be as good !


Anyone got the stats of level 500 Zuul’Goth? I think the highest level I got to was around 100

After some point Zuul’s stats aren’t important, he has enough attack to one shot any of your troop and after you use Mang on him your hero has enough attack to OS him (and most of the other troops too).

Zuul’Goth isnt even the threat at later levels, its the annoying minions.

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The mix with the annoying minions at high levels as well as RNG have always destroyed good runs for me in the Invasion/Raids. When it happens I think to myself: “I would not had won this match no matter what I did”, but perhaps I am impantient with some moves too, as someone stated before?

But sometimes CPU get really lucky with cascades too, like Humans, and get to fill up all their troops with a few skull cascades as well. And then out of the blue it is GAME OVER.

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Yes, the minions are often the problem, especially those who reflect damage. As for Zuul’Goth himself, it’s his cast more than his stats that are a pain because there is no counter to this insta death. Well, I guess that’s why the regular players lose some battles even if it’s way easier since the hero update.
This difference in difficulty is clear if you compare the perfect damage/actual damage ratio of the 2 lasts raids.
Here is the repartition for the 11/06 (european format, 06/11 for US format) raid event
and here is this repartition for the 02/07 raid event
As you can see the gap between normal players and super players is way smaller and the mode is also higher. If there are less super players during this last event, it’s because some of the previous champions were probably banned.

I just wonder what you have to say to my post, @Ally ?
And what is your definition of a “Super” player? A player that will never have bad RNG against?

Yes, cascades happen, after a certain level when a simple 3 skull match can cost you the game, you can just lose really fast when you’re unlucky. If you asked me before, I would have told you that achieving 100% victories past a point was impossible, yet the results show the opposite.
And by super player, I mean the group in the right side, players that either have 100% victories or close to it and are separated from the rest of the players by the gap.

So you are saying that bad RNG for Humans as well as crazy cascades for CPU does not happens to “Super” players in Raids/Invasion? So losses is non-existent for “Super” players?

I didn’t give any explanation. And yes we had 5 players with 100% victories during this raid (between 103 and 124 perfect battles).

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Ally, I thought this post is just the congratulations to the great strategic players, but it’s secretly another sneaky callout to cheating player post? Oh no…

Please, if you have any suspicious, contact the dev so they can properly investigate them with all the full data. Having us guessing from available info won’t do any good.

In my opinion, reaching level 500 in Raid without any lose is next to impossible, but there’s still a chance. You just have to spend 5 minute before moving any gems, and have a lot of summoners, Link traits or other plan for fast mana, to avoid longer run, which increase the chance of bad cascade.

For Invasion, it’s not that hard to get to level 144 without any loses. I’m getting there myself today with only sigils from 6 tiers spend, and I only lose 4 times in total. With more careful play, it should be quite manageable.

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That’s your opinion, I never said this awful word beginning by a c…

As for the support they are already aware and their position on this is : “Players can and do get 100% victories without cheating of any kind”. So, if players are able to do this, they really deserve congratulations, don’t you think ?

For raid, I’ll have to disagree with both your points : the number of gems move is finite (sometime it’s even a forced move) and no matter how long you plan your move, you have no control over gem that fall, you can just chose the best solution statistically speaking which is no insurance, and there will always be time when you get lucky with unpredictable cascades and sometime the opponent will.
Now for the summoner point, just forget it, the higher the level the more useless non Hero (Mang) troops become and you can’t rely on those spawned troops to win the game (they can only be meat shield, but the longer the battle the riskier to lose significant troops).

Now about invasion, you are absolutely right, it’s way easier and you can quite easily reach lvl 144 without any loss. For the records, I play tier VI and this are my past results :
Raid 02/07 ==> 87,8 % win
Invasion 18/06 ==> 94,6% win
Raid 12/06 ==> 72,6 % win
Invasion 28/05 ==> 92,7 % win
Raid 21/05 ==> 86,5 % win
Invasion 07/05 ==> 98,2% win
You can see that invasions are way easier and since every player on the top 100 reach the tower lvl 144, there is nothing interesting to analyse.

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My lag between games is longer than 15 secs. No guesses for what team is being used in attack. Are you calling this skill?..I class it as being a robot, with no life. If this is what gems players aspire to being, they seriously need to open the curtains and fight the agoraphobia.

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