Quit Bugging Me

Haha - we have a new trait type coming out which applies extra armor to troops of matching type… “Divine Shield” will give armor to all Divine troops for example… so poor old Celestasia had to get her trait name “buffed”.

Unfortunately, though we discussed it, we decided not to put her up for refund this week :stuck_out_tongue:


No refund? I wont use cele in my next 1000 battles as a sign of protest.


WTB “Fey Shield” to go with Rowanne builds…

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I’m not sure it’s devour itself taking center stage, as these troops only devour a certain type of troop. Two of which (Goblins and Dragons) are general banes to people at various levels. So these are more just very niche counters, unlike something like Kerberos or Kraken who can devour any kind of troop.


We’ll have to see what this change entails as I feel it will affect how we perceive these counter troops.

Also @Sirrian minor typo in the OP

Should be branches I’m guessing.

Terraxis is one of my favorites, and I would dare say criminally undervalued in general. I’m looking forward to seeing how these changes are going to affect my teams with it. At first-blush slightly more loop-able and slightly more damage. I like it a lot!

edit: Isn’t it technically accurate to say you actually lowered the ratio, not increased it?


I think it depends on how you read it? If you look at it as a decimal, then it’s gone from 0.333 points of damage per gem to 0.5 points. So if you’re looking at the ratio from a per-gem perspective (amount of damage per gem), it’s an increase? (as opposed to the number of gems needed for 1 point)

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Yeah, but that’s not how ratios are expressed, not at least as I have understood them thus far in my life. If you want to express damage-per-gem then the ratio would be written 1:2. But as it stands it is gems-per-point-of-damage so its written 2:1

Therefore my original point stands? 3:1 is a higher ratio than 2:1, therefore correct to say lower, no?

Yes I’m being totally pedantic but I’m also genuinely curious.

True, though having both a 1:2 and 2:1 format in the game can be confusing at a quick glance. Hence why we have the x2 format.

Also I think it might come down to the over all result? The overall damage has been increased, so it’s easier to understand a “ratio increase” as a buff, and a decrease as a nerf. Not technically correct in pure ratios I suppose, but in terms of conveying the message its better?


But, to those skimming “increase” is equated with “made more powerful”, which is what happened.

edit: What @Ozball said :slight_smile:

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I kind of thought that. “We made it more betterer!” :stuck_out_tongue: :laughing:


This discussion is truly interesting fellas, absolutely riveting.

There’s no need for troop release information when you have discussions like this going on.


Harold misses you.


Oh you said the name!


Please don’t :grin: There are already threads for that stuff :wink:

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Wasnt going to but you said it. Now back to your regularly scheduled programming

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Wish the Devour would stop being ‘Increased’ if anything Dev needs to rethink how to create counter for this that is entire team is protected.

Especially since 50% = 100% / 40% = 100% even 25% =100% if you’re AI…but if the troop is on your team 50% = 10% 40% - 0%, 25% =0%.

And there is nothing to really stop random devour easily.

Btw my thought for a counter is called ‘Regurgitate’ :wink: - after troop has been devoured a 10% chance each round that the troop is regurgitated and returned to the team.


I absolutely hate devour and wish that cheesy one shot mechanics were never added. It detracts from the fun of the game.


I disagree. It’s very fun to use, but not when it happens to you. :smile:

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I’m going to miss the free 5 glory per pvp match, scored me an extra 800 or so this week


Ya it was an awesome week for that