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The Right to Arm Bears

Originally published at: http://gemsofwar.com/the-right-to-arm-bears/
This week might be full of bad puns. Just bear with us!

New Troop: Urska Wanderer

The Urska occasionally go wandering when food in their home kingdom, Urskaya, becomes scarce. Barbearius is a well known wanderer, often found in Maugrim Woods, but even more Urska can be found in Stormheim, many of them working as mercenaries.

New Troop: Snowy Owl

Snowy Owls are found in the northern tundra from Stormheim, right through the Glacial Peaks. They hunt at night with their excellent night-vision, and have been known on occasion to take down a large deer for food!

Please note this Event only applies to Steam, iOS and Android versions of the game.

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Cant wait to get my hands upon that owl. Great troop! :slight_smile:

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The bear could be a nice lead troop. Armored, inflicts freeze, double damage frozen, and bigger nukes on high attack enemies.

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These puns had me 'owling with laughter.

Great new troops this week! Owl with FG looks like it could be a tasty combo


The owl looks good, EXCEPT that he has magic link along with a spell that destroys all purple gems… I’m totally not a fan of that little “synergy”

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Owl makes a total of 7 gems. In my book that’s very little to get a safe extra turn and not hand the board to the enemy.

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But it is 7 gems in a condensed board as the purple will be gone. So if you use it with a yellow heavy board, take out purple and add yellow it is a better chance. Would also be good to cast following a purple generator like Giant Spider or Green Slime. Spider turns red to purple, then owl destroys the purple and spawns blue. Might be enough to get the Spider back up while making a ton of purple mana for a Kraken or a Mab.

But it certainly isn’t a fire any time spell.


It doesnt inflict double damage to frozen targets though, it’s only insulated. Would be a bit too much for an ultra rare.

Oops, for some reason I thought it was Shatter.

edit: In Spoiler thread it was listed as Shatter not Chill Touch, guess they changed their minds.

What kingdom are these troops


I just checked our Data, it does have Shatter not Chill Touch. The card image would have been taken before we made that change.


I think its attracting feature is not about the 7 gems, but about destroying all the Purple gems on the board, which can net us Purple Mana. :grin:

Please tell me the flavor text on Snowy Owl is “O RLY?”


I found it odd at first as well, but if the idea if to use it in a purple mana team then it does make sense, since Destroying the mana still charges troops, and normal matches get boosted by Magic Link. I have a team I’m keen to try it in for this exact reason.

Also yay! New troops during holidays! Thanks to @Sirrian and @Nimhain for doing all this on a public holiday!

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Really thought Voli would be Blue… I mean, Blue/Yellow if it was actually Voli but still Blue.

Y’all know what I mean.

OK fine. Volibear or Iorek Byrnison.


I agree, it’s totally Volibear, and Hedwig. Maybe my cross-IP “spoiler” I posted isn’t that far away :stuck_out_tongue:

@Sirrian Thanks for the Weekly Rewards Info. Any chance we can get it 8+ days in advance rather than 8 hrs?

What are the Events for tomorrow? It’s less than 2 hrs. Any chance these can be announced in advance so we can plan our strategies for the week? :smiley:


Cool stuff. Excuse pun.

Both seem strong.

Beardude seems to do a lot of damage for an UR: could/should have been an Epic.

Hedwig does a lot for a common.

Merry Powercreepmas. Or do we start to see older stuff get a Christmas buff to bring them towards a similar line?

Hush! If it were blue, then we wouldn’t be able to mix it with Mab!
In fact, both the cards feel specifically tailored to be a “Hail Queen Mab” team~
Just leave its colors alone…