Quick dumb question

So I found a few reads about successful gold farming and I read that there is no gold cap. I decided to run

Eternal flame

I expected to receive a large amount of gold after a 15 minute match in the pride lands, and received just a little over 150. Then I decided I would keep track of the gold earned throughout the match via my troops skills and extra turn moves and my count was above 500 gold. I finished the match and received only 158 gold. So my question is, is there a gold cap per match? Or is it just impossible to farm gold in “story mode?”

There is a gold cap for all matches. I believe XBox is on 105 + armor bonus. If you have a 50% gold armor, you are likely getting 158 gold per match.

Thank you very much. It’s a shame there’s all these troops that offer gold bonuses when you can’t really benefit from it.

Look at it the other way around, there isn’t an incentive to drag out fights. Just get a few Alchemist casts in and move on to the next fight, you’ll still get max rewards.

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Yes, it’s much more beneficial to focus on finishing fights quickly when it comes to gold. The other thing is to be discerning in the fights you pick. For example, I only got after fights that are >400 gold. I’ve found this to be the cut off where I can find a match without having to do too many skips and with the Dragon Armor I get over 1k/fight, and each fight usually only takes a few minutes.

During PvP I try to end it as quickly as possible, but for the past 3 days the game was telling me no suitable matches were found so I was trying to rake in as much gold as possible while playing through the “story” missions, but thank you anyway for your reply.

I’m still running Viking armor for the next 227 gems so my payout isn’t quite as great. another benefit of dragging out the fights is that it allows a newer player like myself to get more treasure maps