Fastest way to get gold

Just like the topic says. What is the fastest way to get gold on the consoles.


In PvP battles.


So basically winning pvp battles is the easiest way

By a large margin yes. Doubly so with Dragon Armor.

Yes, PvP and maps. It depends what armor you have and the amount of maps you have. That build works well because it will easily give the gold limit per match as well as many souls.

Ok sounds good what’s a good banner to use

Yes it is… IF you don’t have a task for gold, do your tasks FIRST! PS don’t forget to wear armor that grants a gold bonus if you have it.

use tyri to get maps, play maps. Profit.

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Yeah I have a team with her that I using for a while just thought there might be a better way. I do also have the dragon armor.

As mentioned in the other thread, while maps are good, they are NOT the fastest way to get gold, not to mention the time needed to get the maps in the first place.


Treasure Hunt is the best for GLORY not gold, wait for the use 4 Treasure Maps Task then only match 3s (no extra turns) and you will make 140-175 glory in a few minutes.


Hello? Explain how a Treasure Hunt match that will only last about 35 moves (without Extra Turns) can net a profit of 175 glory? That seems rather unlikely both on console and on mobile.

If you were to say 14 to 17 glory in that amount of time, I’d agree with those numbers. Because even if you filled the entire puzzle board with brown and green chests you’d still find it difficult to pull 150 glory; most the chests would give gold instead.

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was thinking same maps is not very good for gold compared to pvp. PVP is the #1 gold maker IMO

failed to see this is console. my above stands correct atleast for Pc

I think he’s saying that when you do the 4 treasure map task you get 100 glory then what ever you make on the level it self

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Oh if he’s counting the reward task itself as part of the glory booty, well ok. Although it’s kind of counterproductive to use maps in such a cavalier fashion… One won’t learn anything about getting the trophy/ achievement for creating 2 Vaults on the board if the task is played that way!

does alc give more gold on pc or sumthin? he gives almost nothing on console and with the gold cap honestly doesn’t seem to give anything.

They give the same amount of gold in both versions. The 105 gold cap is low, but it still helps getting it every match.

Cap is 110 (without boosts), the team Tacet mentioned is just an easy to use conversion team, it doesn’t so much focus on Alchemist, it’s just really simple to play without losing.

Do we have a screenshot of the 110 gold cap? I always remembered it being 105. The first guides that I made at the start of the game all had it at 105, because it was 105 back then.

BINGO. Ziggy756.

I’d say when the task comes up I average 160 Glory in under 10 minutes. I don’t consider that trashing the maps, as I enjoy buying arcane Traitstones from the weekly glory reward packs. As an FYI, If your not buying Arcane Traitstones with Glory you might want to start thinking about being a little more "cavalier "with your resources…