Quest match gold question?

I have the Dragon Armor and get around 1000 gold for pvp matches now.
But when I do quest, even on the higher difficulty I only get a couple hundred gold.
Is this normal? With the armor bonus and bonus from the difficulty I thought it would be more.

Yep that is normal. The amount of gold as a prize in both quests and challenges is about a quarter of what you would win in a pvp match. The opponents are quite a bit weaker as well so the reward is fittingly less.

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Alright thanks.
I would have thought with the 75% bonus or 100% bonus for difficulty and the 100% armor bonus it would be a bit more.

Something that would make you feel better about the amount . . . do a challenge without the armor. Now the other amount doesn’t seem so small. :wink:

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Good point lol.

You get exactly 10 base gold from winning a challenge or quest battle (and up to an additional 100 base from 4-5 matches/in match gold gains like alchemist). Its closer to 1% of PvP gains than a quarter. No amount of modifiers is going to make that look good.

Thanks for the info. Do bonus gold from traits have a limit on how much you get also?

Traits apply to in-game gathered gold only and before the 100 limit, which is why they are essentially useless.

@Mithran is right. All the bonuses do is speed up how fast you get to the cap. Both for gold and souls.

So I could have every troop with a gold trait, high difficulty for higher gold and armor for the gold and that would not raise the cap, just get to the cap faster?

For the most part yes. Raising difficulty only affects quests and challenges but not pvp. So the cap would go up with a harder difficulty in those but your troop bonuses only get you to the new cap faster.

Alright, thanks for that. Shame that is the case.
Having the same problem with getting souls.

With PvP you get more gold. Is there a cap here also?
Can’t remember, but do you usually get more souls in Pvp?

I’m level 1000, have Deathknight armor, all kingdoms level 10 and 5 starred (Leonis is only 4) when I do a challenge my cap is 130 souls. Pvp is only 120. When played on the same difficulty. So I guess the answer to your question is No.

The cap for souls is 40 before armour, vip, difficulty multipliers.

How much gold do you get during a match for killing troops etc.?

My multiplier is 3.1 for gold. I just finished my climb to tier one and to be honest I’ve stopped looking at the gold and souls won each battle. I won from 2500 (low side) up to 4000 gold (high side).

Thanks for that.

In PvP I usually get between 600 to 1100 or something.

With souls, does it matter how long the match goes on for? Will I still reach the cap if the match is short?

Usually need to fire Valkyrie off two to three times minimum within the match to reach the cap and have her alive when you finish.

right, thanks