Hero Armor Question

Hello All!

I’m new to the game and loving every minute of it! Today I just got the last of the 500 gems for the Dragon Armor and had a quick question regarding the bonuses. I did a search on the forums, but didn’t see a straight answer within the couple of threads I looked at.

What all does the gold bonus actually affect for the 100% boost to gold? I assume it is not hourly income, daily bonus, or PvP gold amounts. Is it only for gold earned during a fight (100 cap) or the gold given at the end of a quest?

I recently got my first kingdom to level 10 (the rest are sitting at 3), so I need ALOT of gold!

Thank you for any help you can give!


EDIT: I just got my first chance to play a little over my lunch break. I noticed that it does indeed give bonus gold to the PvP reward. That seems very powerful. I know how I’ll be making all the gold I need for kingdoms now.

The bonuses apply to anything that rewards the item in bonus.

For instance, Gold will increase PvP, Explore, Challenges, Arena, Etc…

Basically it effects everything except Treasure Hunt