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Question (regarding Guild's Blue Guardian)

Good afternoon (day, evening),

Could someone be so kind to tell me is it fine as it is?
Level 110 (Water Mastery +110), XP Bonus 50 % (?) Next Bonus at LV 10,000 (?)

Thank you so much in advance.

Best wishes!


The 10k is a number meant never to be reached. It’s the game’s way of saying “You’re done with this now,” but in a way that allows them still to tweak in the future if they decide to make additional statue levels a thing.

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Thank you very much, Magnusimus!

So, in the others words, LV 100 is a max for Basic Tasks (sorry for double checking, a new thing for me).

Thank you once again!

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You’ve got it, yup — statues don’t really go past level 100, even though the functionality could, theoretically, be added in the future :slightly_smiling_face:

Much obliged!