Guild Statues and Legendary Tasks

I can’t over state how much of a back burner issue this is. But I think a little xp should be attached to legendary tasks. In my opinion, it’s ridiculous that these take so long to level up. Today is the first day we’ve gotten a single statue to 150.


What’s the level where bonuses cap? (Nitpickers: I mean the level where the next bonus is at level 10k.)

I assume you mean xp toward each statue from LTs? Because pretty sure you get xp toward guild level for both LT & statue tasks (not that that level means too much of anything, which I guess it’d be nice if it did).

Our statues are 20-30 higher than yours since our guild has been around longer but your guild xp is about 400 higher than ours due to your 50+ LTs (or whatever you guys do at this point) vs our 15-20.

Personally it doesn’t make sense for LTs to affect statues in any way, shape or form. The statues were set up to cap how much a guild could advance them in a week anyway, and tying them to LTs takes us back to the virtually unlimited advancement pre-statues the devs wanted to get away from. So don’t expect LTs to ever be tied to statues.

It’s not back-burner, it hasn’t even been put on the stove or taken out of the freezer to thaw for that matter.


So what you’re saying is it’ll be fixed by the next update? Cool cool. :+1:

Sure - let’s go with that :ok_hand:

I think statues are good as is. I vote no. :-1:


Bright side of 4.7
Guilds will be able to get their statues to 200 twice as fast. :grin: Lol


Haha do rings of wonder stack?

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You can only buy one until it expires. So no.

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I was being facetious. I’ve never bought a ring and never will. Some gold team suggestions fail to point that the ring is an important component. Like the dbl cedric explore team.

I know it’s a one year old topic, but legendary tasks do give you exp towards guild level. Guild level is a representation of how much has been donated to the guild in total, and is a much better measure of a guild’s power than silly trophies.

They don’t give XP towards guild statues. Only level as you cited.

You hit level 200 statues yet?
My xbox guild has been at 200 for so long I had forgotten that part about leveling statues. I don’t remember the exact numbers, but I think my guild started with statue levels over 150 when they were first implemented.

A couple months ago.

When you use the directional pad on Xbox does it do anything?
I just started using my Xbox controller on my phone (thanks to Xcloud) and Chromebook. The controller works for Gems of War but the directional pad and “view button” are dead.

The directional pad does same as left stick on xbox controller. It moves the cursor around. Right stick for gem selection.

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