My problem with GW - the Statue point bonuses

So…does it bother anyone else that because a guild doesn’t have a level 100 statue, they literally have 0 chance of ever being allowed to compete with the big dogs?

I mean, my guild has all the statues at 60+. But our points would always be an uphill battle because statue bonuses hinder us from being able to compete. This seems like a horrible design flaw. Its basically a “rich get richer” scheme keeping all of us without lvl 100 statues from ever having a chance to advance in GW. Which just seems really dumb imo.

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We, the Old Guard, did get them to lower the level to 100, so that many more guilds would be able to compete. I do think there should be a need to advance to join the top levels.

I do think there should be a way to keep getting guild statue levels once all the normal task are completed in a week, to let newer guild catch that Statue level 100 multiplier. Either the legendary tasks, or top GW placement should help level them up faster. Right now there have been bigger issues the development team is working on. Hopefully, they are gathering data, and will expand on the ability for active GW guilds to climb the ranks more.

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Yeah I know. But I guess, just having it so only lvl 100 statue guilds can reasonably compete in the upper brackets basically just makes the people with already insane resources richer.

Not that you shouldn’t be allowed to be richer. But allowing you continue getting 400-1400 gems every week strictly on the basis of your GW points being higher solely because your statue is higher seems rigged to me. The guild brackets should be larger and if my guild faced yours in a week, wed already be at the disadvantage of probably half the stats. Which would mean winning would already be tough, but if we (or anyone) could reasonably do it, we/they should be given that chance.

i wouldnt mind it requiring lv100 statues if leveling them wasnt so time-limited

can anyone calculate how many days is required to get all statues from lv1 to lv100 if the guild does all tasks weekly?

exactly that

32.67 years, give or take.