Next bonus at level 10,000?

Today our Guild reached level 100 on the Blue Guardian. Now it says that next bonus is at level 10,000.
Anybody else who thinks this is a little bit to much???
When is that achievable? In 100 Years???

It’s not supposed to be achievable. It’s effectively a level 100 cap but leaves the door open if they decide they want to add more levels in the future.


That is completely NUTS!!! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

No, not really. You guys should be happy you hit max, congrats!


Yeah I think a longer explanation of what @vanyel said is:

It’s capped at 100, but they weren’t sure if they might raise it someday. They’re still tracking your XP, so you can still gain levels. And one day, if they raise the levels that award bonuses, you’ll magically have all the bonuses you’ve already paid for.

The alternative is “XP stops accumulating at level 100”, then when they raise it everyone starts from level 100. Which is fair, but it means you “wasted” a lot of gold.


You mean you guys haven’t reached 1000 yet? Man bunch of slackers.

I didn’t refer to XP but to the level of a statue.

Right. But it has XP that contributes to that level.

If the devs decided it stopped at 100, they could also decide to make the XP cap at that number and stop adding it. But they didn’t. You’re still getting XP, and still gaining levels for each statue. So if they ever add more bonuses, you’ll get them right away instead of having wasted months of resources.

Guild statues only have a level cap of 200. It says otherwise in game, but exp doesn’t go any further than that.

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