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Question about defensive win/loss in Guild Wars

A friend of mine asked me a question and wasn’t able to answer. The reason for this is I was always under the impression that Guild Wars worked off of 30 members, and if you lost to each one only being a total of 30. He provided the below screenshot. Which shows his defensive Guild War record for that day at 4/36. And that puzzled me and him. We are both in the same guild. Because to me it looks like 4 wins and 36 losses with him as Paragon. And even with my record not everyone beat me (wasn’t the best but only 1/4, which seems normal). So not everyone simply got through to him. As I would figure other guild members had also similar or greater success to winning that defense. So if anyone could explain this it would be appreciated. Thanks.

P.S. At the end the guild in question had gained almost 300,000 points. Now not bothered by the points. Just more curious about the win/loss record given what I thought I knew about it.

Gems of War_20180102213422

Yup display bug

Also 300k points? That mean everyone did 10k sorry but it’s impossible

It it today and yesterday total? Or they did it in 1 day?

@Rickygervais If its a display bug then how is it the guild has almost 300,000 points. Additionally these losses showed up in his log. So not sure its simply a display bug. Because why would the log also show it? Its all from the 1 day. And also while I only did 1/4 on mine. I would say others did better or similar to myself.

The 4/35 is a bug but there is certainly something wrong with the 300k points you should send SS to the devs so they can investigate this

@Rickygervais Will do. Though the 4/36 doesn’t just show in that screen. The PvP log also showed a wall of losses from this same guild. Unless the log is also being buggy which I find doubtful.

I can confirm this is a bug it already happened to us, we could see 154/150 fight done

But we never know if they hacked the game and got 300k maybe the 4/36 is also hacked. Anyway devs will be able to tell you

@Rickygervais Yes I gathered it might be a display bug from that view. I am talking about the PvP log itself as well. You know the thing that shows you everyone who has fought you. It also showed this range of losses. The log is not a display issue rather an account of your fights. So it might be a display bug but its hard to say at this point. 4/35 on GW screen (ok maybe display bug), guild who fought us at almost 300,000 points (seems odd to me), his guild log blew up with losses from that guild (also strange to me).