GW defense battles record

So i thought the numbers at the bottom of each of my GW defense teams was wins/battles but a guildie posted this in discord…
Capture _2017-10-30-16-00-19

Leading me to believe it is actually wins/losses. @Ozball can we get some clarification please?

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I thought it was wins/losses.


So it would seem but i would like some clarification from the devs to be sure. I mean i know its not likely but it is possible there is a bug in the soup…

It’s the same as the win/loss record on invades. It makes no sense to me to use a " / " to separate the two numbers (since that is how we show division or the calculation of a ratio), but maybe that’s a thing in Australia.

5:3 or 5-3 would make way more sense to me, or if they are going to use a slash, then 5/8 in this case.


It is Wins/Losses. We are looking at changing the numbers display for more clarity.


Thank you ozman!


I don’t think this feature is working very well. According to this feature my GW defense went 0/16 on sunday, which would suggest that more than half the opponent guild members faced me (I was a Herald level last week (4 Heralds in my guild), so the other 3 Heraldss got the other 14 opponents). Granted, that particular defense was an experiment which clearly failed horribly, but why would I face 16 opponents, and the other 3 Heralds only 5 (on average)? 28 opponent players reached our Paragon on Sunday, so it’s also not like I got a lot of retry’s of those that failed the first time against a Herald level defense…

GW defense yellow day

It could certainly happen tho. Thats the power of RNGsus brother @Darkness


Just change it to “Wins: 5 Losses: 3”

We know its defense. It doesn’t have to say “Defense” lol.

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