Weird issue in my Defenses log that looks like GW but

Today while I was tracking in my defense log who played against me in GW, I found two entries that I just don’t know how it is possible, and the points don’t seem to make sense for it to be PVP

Normally my PVP Defense losses are -2 or -3 and normally my PVP losses are a -10 or -7

The GW losses have been along the -6 -9 points and correspond with the team we’re going up against today or yesterday for that matter. Except today… it is not a guild we fought yesterday or today

Anyone have any ideas?

Have you checked whether your PVP defense team has been switched accidentally? Also what level was the person who attacked you compared to your level?

No to the PVP switch… everything is as wacky as I expect it to be. I like the purple people eater :slight_smile:

level 612 the person - I am 747. Points 4563 their team - my pvp 5819

I’m going to keep an eye on it. Last week we thought it was a fluke (we’re trying to figure out how many points our GW teams are loosing… so I am actually tracking all my ‘notices’ and the log

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