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Queen Beetrix

What’s the best way to get Queen Beetrix? Is the only way to win the delves and take your chances, or does she eventually come in a chest? I want her! lol

By using chaos shards to open portals in The Deep Hive faction.


That’s what I figured…I didn’t know til yesterday that they actually have a limit on doing delves. It’ll take me forever then to get her. Thanks .:slightly_smiling_face:

When a new monthly faction is released, you can usually obtain all 4 faction troops at mythic level for around 7k chaos shards. You could get a single copy of QB for way less than that. I would be very surprised if 1k shards didn’t seal the deal. Just save your shards and spend them opening deep hive portals. You will have her in no time. Killing a few daemon gnomes will also help. Good luck.


Doing weekly faction events (on Tuesdays) is another good way to bulk up on Chaos Shards. Even without spending gems on it.

Ah, and a rule for the future - if the troop has multiple kingdom names on it, it means its a faction troop and will need Chaos Shards. Namely, how Beetrix says “The Deep Hive / Drifting Sands”.



Alright. Thanks so much for the info. I’m not really at a high level myself yet, but I’ll hang in there.

Ahhh…thank you!!

Recommend having a faction that can have a decent multiplier and keeping it at level 20, meaning always selecting the level 20 option after a run and not participating in the event for that specific faction. City of Thieves is probably the still best place to do this, but there a number of backups if you already leveled that one. You get the same rewards at a repeated level 20 run that you do repeating any other level, and upping you level only gives you a slight bump on your rewards one time, so keep in mind that you never want to level this faction until going for faction completion, which you probably shouldn’t attempt for a long, long time. The faction you have chosen you want to be as high hoard quality as you can get it, since you get reward mutlipliers for common resources and additional rewards for having hoard quality. Always try to get your hoard quality to 4, 7 or 10 ASAP these are the milestones to get an extra chest level every successful run, which equates to one additional “drop”, which equates to an average of ~10 more chaos shards per run. Honorable mention to 8 being a good milestone for double ingot drops, but in general, you want your farming faction to quality 10 ASAP and don’t bother leveling other stuff yet.

For other factions during the faction event, feel free to level them (since you can’t pick the same level to re-run in an event, it always auto progresses, and the runs you can do outside the event are based on the highest level you beat there, event or no), but if you have the resources to do so, try to up your hoard quality to the 4/7/8/10 milestones.

Worth noting that you can spend your shards anywhere to get treasures to use anywhere, so just put them into Deep Hive until you get Queen Beetrix no matter where you farm them at. In all likelihood, you’ll have her before you even your first farming faction fully set up to HQ10.

The most Chaos Shards I’ve had to spend (so far) to get a single copy of a legendary was 3600 or so. You can get worse luck, but it is extremely unlikely. The average is around 800. Good luck.


I finally got her!


Good stuff. Enjoy :sunglasses:

Next you might want to get King Gobtruffle if you don’t already… similar but guaranteed extra turn.

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Yes you read my mind!!! That’s exactly who I want to get!! I need to get more chaos shards. Thanks. I’m not playing at the moment and I can’t remember all he does, but I want him.

Congrats on getting the card you wanted! That feeling of finally getting elusive card is unmatched. Hope you get that Gobtruffle soon! God knows those Queen Beetrix and Gobtruffle teams have given me plenty of (beep) fits.

Lol!! Yeah…it’s so cool when you achieve something after a long time. My first was beating the last level of Sin of Maraj. Gawd…it took forever. Thanks for your comment.:slightly_smiling_face:

Beetrix kicks truffles ass.

And in turn they both kick my ass.