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New Faction - The Deep Hive

Originally published at: https://gemsofwar.com/new-faction-the-deep-hive/

New Faction: The Deep Hive Join Marid, as you explore the swarm of The Deep Hive! We have a new Faction to delve, as well as lots of new troops, ruled by Queen Beetrix! To celebrate the release of this new Faction, we will be running a Faction event over the weekend for The Deep…

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On mobile I’m not seeing the quest, the event shop or the location in the underworld.
All I can do is fight straight away.

Oh no! Have you restarted your game and device? Is this still happening?


1,800 to get epic to mythic
4,400 to get legendary to mythic
5,400 to get ultra rare to mythic
8,000 to get rare to mythic

9 epics from Faction shop, sitting on 22 Mythic Scarab Knights after

31 coin purses
93 gold ring
24 king’s crown
11 genie’s lamp
1 sacred treasure

Guess I struck out on rares this time around. too many ultra rares. (mythic +16)

Game isn’t showing Miniskito in Unowned/ Drifting Sands thinks there’s only 2 pets in the kingdom currently.

Earned 30,600 shards since last delve.
Spent them all because why not?

128 CP
361 GR
211 PC
92 KC
48 GL
20 ST

Enough to take hoard to 322, but I only wanted to go to 200 so I used 20 ST, 40 GL and 1 KC to get exactly lv 200. Gold cost was only 1,379,000. I’ll update post with how much gold I make taking delve to 500.

@Saltypatra should the pet Miniskito be assigned to Drafting Sands instead of The Deep Hive?


Restarting the game has fixed it.
For QC/QA: I was playing while the new day started.

Nice catch! Faction pets are always assigned to their faction’s parent kingdom so this is very likely oversight. (Although it’s odd they don’t use dual assignments a la faction troops.)

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I’ve wondered this too and assume it’s a coding thing because they recently changed all delve pets to show as from the kingdom instead of the delve to help with getting pets for kingdom power. If it were easy to have dual pets they would have done so when they made this change.

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Well, the troops are a little better this time, I give them a 1.5/10 up from a 0/10
At least until I get to level 500, where the rng will give the ai an extra turn every cast, and I’ll have a 5% success rate :smirk:


The most expensive faction so far by a huge margin (but also the most Sacred Treasure - kind of consolation, for sure.)

What really bugs me, though, is that somebody hasn’t done his/her research properly - Queen Beetrix (and especially her spell image) looks like a wasp, surely not a bee. And - a spell named “Hornet’s Nest”? Hornets are, basically, a sort of huge wasps, not bees…
Well, it does not change the gameplay, but beekeeper’s grandson in me feels hurt.

EDIT: new image uploaded; there was an error in calculations.


9800 shards spent (1 Scarab Knight bought for gems. Additional shards after 8k spent fishing for treasures and copies of DOZE BUZZUNGAS)

Coin Purse — 48
Gold Ring — 113
Priest’s Chalice — 62
King’s Crown — 33
Genie’s Lamp — 17
Sacred Treasure — 8

Queen Beetrix — 9
(6) @ 7600 shards spent

Scarab Knight — 33
(16) @ 5200

Moth Mage — 60
(41) @ 6400

Beetle Blade — 118
(91) @ 8000

I didn’t bother keeping track of how many shards I needed this time, and went ahead and spent 7K without looking at my troops until the end. Well, for the first time in a long time (or ever for me), I had more than enough copies to Mythic all my troops. Whoops.

Now to wait to see how easy/hard the faction-only runs are for others. I’ve been upgrading my hoard far past 100 for the last few factions, and I’m hoping it’s not necessary for this one…

I was pretty amazingly unlucky with Queen Beetrix in my faction 100 run. When my true damage ended the match, the board was more than 80% green and brown. And not a single match was created, which meant I would have handed no fewer than five 4+ matches to the AI. Wish I had taken a screen cap.


Would be funny if bees were bugs :stuck_out_tongue:


Bees are bugs, it’s spiders that aren’t.

I’m loving Queen Beetrix on offense so much that I don’t even mind (as much!) dreading her inevitable presence on people’s defense teams :laughing:

The lack of a guaranteed extra turn keeps things…interesting, to say the least. But when she does loop — so much fun!


It’s a good faction, beat it on my first try, didn’t lose any troop. I used the same team as the boss room. Bought last tier 5 times, hoard level 146 and the 50% bonus from kingom level.

Now, they need to fix the pet to be linked to the kingdom, not the faction. I’m stuck on power level 16 because of this.

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And here I am even googling it twice before posting to not look bad.

Boy is my face red now.

I just reached level 80. Just went into a casual guild. I have not a lot of fun I must admit.